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The Importance of Getting Small Dents Repaired

The Importance of Getting Small Dents Repaired

It happens to every vehicle owner at least once, sometimes several times. You go to get in your car, and you notice a slight eyesore, maybe more than one in the form of a ding, dent, or abrasion. While it’s not the end of the world, and getting them taken care of is certainly easy, most of us are content to ignore them and go about our day as if this inconvenience never occurred. However, this is a bad idea. Neglecting those small dents won’t make them go away, and, as we’ll see today, they can actually lead to larger problems if they’re left unattended.

Chipped Paint

One thing that people don’t tend to think about is how smaller dents can sometimes turn into larger dents over time. That’s right, a small dent can grow larger and expand, and this results in your vehicle’s paint job starting to chip away. And this is why it’s essential that smaller debts get taken care of immediately to prevent this from occurring.


Aside from the paint on your vehicle gradually chipping away, dents that are left unattended can also cause rust. This is in part due to the raw metal of your vehicle’s frame becoming exposed to the elements. Many vehicle warranties cover rust and corrosion, but these are voided when the owner of the vehicle is liable and chooses to neglect them.

Lower Resale Value

All vehicles have their resale value depreciate over time, regardless of the make and model. However, dents that are neglected and left unrepaired hasten this process altogether. This means that if you go to trade in your vehicle as a form of equity in the future, the offer that gets made will be considerably less than usual.

Higher Repair Costs

The prevailing wisdom behind any and all auto repairs is “pay a little bit now or pay a lot later.” This is certainly the case when it comes to getting smaller dents taken care of. If you neglect dent repair, there’s a very good chance that this could lead to higher repair costs in the future. This is why taking care of small dents immediately is always recommended.

If you have a few dents on your vehicle that need to be taken care of, Dent Shop is here to help. As practitioners in paintless dent removal, we can get your vehicle back to looking its very best in no time at all. Reach out to our Redlands location by calling 909-300-5006 or stopping by at 560 Nevada Street.

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