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Hail Damage Repair Repair

We Help You Navigate Hail Damage Insurance Claims!



Dent Shop’s technicians are experts in providing automotive hail damage assessment services and hail damage repair using paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques. The Dent Shop team members are leaders in the field, providing expert repair services across the country’s Hail Belt and other regions that are hit with hail. Our technicians deploy advanced PDR techniques to massage out dents and eliminate surface damage from hailstones across vehicle panels and roofs – from minor blemishes and light dimpled dents to deeper dents. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the preferred method for vehicle hail damage repairs. It’s faster, cost-effective, minimally invasive, requires less labor, protects the exterior finish and most importantly, maintains vehicle value. If a hailstorm has left visible damage to the hood, roof and trunk of your car, Dent Shop can evaluate your vehicle’s hail damage for free to determine if PDR is the most suitable choice.

Is My Vehicle Eligible for Hail Damage PDR?

Vehicles are eligible for PDR if the hail damage has not scratched, fractured or otherwise damaged the factory finished paint. Luckily, advances in paint technology have produced modern cars with very durable finishes. Most car skins are now somewhat elastic: the metal and plastic can bend to absorb some of the hail’s impact. That flexibility also protects a vehicle’s paint surface from cracking or splitting open at the moment of impact.

To determine if your vehicle’s hail damage can be fully repaired with PDR, call us or stop by the shop for a free estimate. Dent Shop’s technicians examine the severity of hail damage and identify if the factory finish has been harmed, then offer an honest evaluation and estimate for repairs. Most hail damage can be repaired entirely, rendering the former dents undetectable, and we will communicate beforehand if our technician indicates the damage sustained may prove an exception. PDR is the preferred choice for vehicle hail damage (and other dent) repairs, and should be the first evaluation you seek when you start the repair process.

Navigating Insurance for Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

Insurance companies accept and often prefer PDR as the premier solution to vehicle hail damage for several reasons: Lower costs, shorter turnaround time (reduced need for a loaner vehicle) and maintained vehicle value.

As soon as a hailstorm dents your car, file your insurance claim for vehicle hail damage. Call us or visit one of our Dent Shop locations for a free evaluation and estimate.

Once you have a claim number, Dent Shop can work with your insurance company and repair your vehicle’s unsightly hail dents. We can guide you through the insurance claims process for a quick and easy repair process. Our technicians have decades of experience repairing hail damage for privately owned and dealer vehicle inventories (new, pre-owned and service vehicles) across the country and internationally. Dent Shop offers the best local PDR solution to repairing your vehicle’s hail damage.

The Hail Repair Process

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What You Need to Know About Hail Damage


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