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The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair Over a Traditional Auto Body Shop

The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair Over a Traditional Auto Body Shop

Accidents and collisions are like unexpected visits from the in-laws around the holidays. It’s unwanted and unexpected, and we must deal with it best. And while the stress from someone dropping by is something we can’t do anything about, the same can’t be said about the dents, scratches, and abrasions that happen to millions of vehicles yearly. Now, in the past, getting your car back to its former state of being meant taking it to a repair shop. This meant being without transportation for up to a week while dents were hammered out and a paint job that might not even match the original color was thrown on over it. (Dreadful, no?) However, Dent Shop offers a new way, and it’s completely shifted the paradigm of auto body work.

The Art of Paintless Dent Removal

As we mentioned, conventional body shops repair dents by sanding, hammering, bonding, and repainting the area to make it look like nothing ever occurred. The new method of PDR addresses the issue in a bold and exciting new way. Rather than hinder the appearance of your vehicle’s paint, we work on the dent from the inside out. This process involves removing the exterior panels of your vehicle, working on the dent, and then reattaching them. Without the paint being touched, your vehicle will look just like it did before that shopping cart came into contact with your door.

The Advantages of PDR

The benefits of having PDR done extend far beyond your vehicle’s exterior look. While not having your paint job touched or altered is certainly an advantage, they don’t stop there. PDR is much quicker than a conventional body shop, and your vehicle can be serviced the same day, not altering your access to transportation. Not only is this a much quicker solution, but it’s also more environmentally responsible. Because PDR doesn’t involve paint, primer, and other chemicals that be harmful to the environment, there are no hazardous materials to worry about. Another thing to remember is that PDR can help your vehicle retain its resale value, as auto body work is usually purchased by the insurance company and reported on your vehicle’s history report.

Dent Shop Redlands

If you’re in the Redlands area and just had your vehicle in a scuffle that left an eyesore, it’s time to bypass the body shop altogether. We’re proud practitioners of PDR, and will be more than happy to service your vehicle. Come by and visit us at 560 Nevada Street in Redlands.

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