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Does Repainting Your Vehicle Lessen Its Value?

Does Repainting Your Vehicle Lessen Its Value

One thing that vehicle owners should always be mindful of is resale value. All vehicles, regardless of their make and model, go through a process of depreciation from the moment they’re driven off of the lot. However, other factors can lead to your vehicle’s value lessening. Among these factors that aren’t discussed as often as some of the others is having your vehicle repainted. Today, we’re going to take a few moments to discuss why that is and why you should avoid it if possible.

The Lessening of Originality

A common misconception that many have regarding resale value is that customization won’t affect it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Vehicles with original parts do much better at retaining their resale value, including the paint job. Potential car buyers always look for a paint job and might associate it with something done out of necessity, such as covering up damage over an accident.

Possible Voiding of the Warranty

The secret to any warranty, no matter your purchase, is reading the fine print. Many vehicles have warranties that cover damage to your vehicle in the event of rust or corrosion. While every warranty supplied by the manufacturer is different, many have independent clauses that might void them. And among these is having the original paint job altered. In the event of a minor accident, taking your vehicle to be serviced at an autobody shop will result in a blemish on the history of your vehicle. This will have an adverse effect on its resale value and hinder the transfer of existing warranties to the new owner.

Repairing Your Vehicle is Expensive–And There’s a Better Way

If you take a few minutes and get some price quotes for a full-on new paint job, you’ll be surprised at how expensive they can be. We’re not talking hundreds; we’re talking thousands of dollars. But there’s a better way to go about the repair process that won’t adversely affect the resale value of your vehicle or the paint job. Paintless dent repair circumvents the old body show method by removing the exterior panels of your vehicle and dealing with the damage from the inside out. This leaves the paint job intact and takes much quicker than conventional methods. Come to Dent Shop in Rapid City, and we’ll get your vehicle back to looking like a champion in less time and with less hassle. Visit us at 3010 Cambell Street #2 and see what we can do for you.

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