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Why Is PDR the Best Option for Small Dent Repair After a Hailstorm?

small dent repair

If your vehicle was exposed to the elements while a hailstorm passed by, chances are the metal panels were dented by hail. Though the damage can range from minor to severe, it’s important to invest in dent removal services sooner rather than later. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in paintless dent removal (PDR) for hail damage repair.


One of the biggest benefits of using paintless dent removal for hail dent repair is the amount of time you’ll save. The process of paintless dent repair takes much less time than conventional dent repair methods. It can be completed using metal rods and body picks to push dents out from the underside of body panels or with glue-pulling techniques and specially designed tabs. Without any paint damage present, PDR is the preferred method to massage the dents out of your panels. So if you’re in a hurry to get a few small dents repaired and don’t want to pay for a loaner car while you leave your car in the autobody shop for weeks, skip the conventional repair. Paintless dent repair is the best option for you to consider.

Value Retention

When it comes to hail damage, it’s normal for the first thing on your mind to be the value of your vehicle. You may wonder if the depreciation in value due to the dents is worth the cost of repairs, but it definitely is. If you get into an accident with an already lower vehicle value, your insurance company may prematurely total the car if repairs exceed its total worth. So it’s important to have your vehicle repaired quickly, but it’s also important that those repairs are able to restore your vehicle value. When it comes to traditional dent repair, you might risk paint colors not matching, paint bubbling or fading over time, or overspray issues. Since traditional dent repair involves grinding away paint to fill in the dent then repainting over the filler, this risks future cosmetic imperfections and ends up lowering the value of your vehicle on a Carfax report. But a skilled paintless dent repair technician using the dent removal techniques we touched on above will be able to flawlessly repair your car’s hail damage without risking any kind of aesthetic or functional issues. As a result, your car will be able to retain its value and you won’t have to worry about driving around with a subpar paint job.


If you’ve ever needed to bring your car into the shop before, it’s likely that you’re familiar with just how expensive car repairs can get. Fortunately, paintless dent repair is one of the most cost-effective dent removal options you can invest in for your vehicle. The intensity of hailstorms can vary, but often enough hail damage results in numerous small dents on the surface of your car that have not damaged the paint. They don’t look nice either, but that’s why you brought your car in for PDR. Since this process takes less time than conventional dent repair, the labor costs are significantly lower. In addition, this method of dent removal doesn’t require your technician to invest in materials like replacement panels or body filler, primer and expensive auto paint.

Almost $60 billion in car maintenance goes unperformed every year. While hail damage repair may not seem essential, it’s important have those dents removed swiftly in the event of a second hailstorm or future collision. Don’t risk your insurance payouts and the ability to have minor repairs completed by waiting and letting additional damage accrue on your vehicle. PDR is the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to small dent repair from hail damage. Call Dent Shop today to schedule your free estimate!

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