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What You Need to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

PDR dent removal

Hail storms may pass through quickly, but the dimples and dents left behind by hailstones can seriously mar the value and appearance of your vehicle. If this is the first time your vehicle sustains hail damage, you may not know the best method or place to seek repairs. Luckily, according to industry experts, 80% to 90% of dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a faster, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of removing dents from vehicles that repairs a vehicle’s value and appearance. This modern method of dent removal involves slowly pushing out each dent cavity in the metal panel until it looks as good as new. No vehicle owner wants to pay for expensive replacement panels or conventional repairs, which are time-consuming and much more expensive. Not to mention, traditional repairs may fix the car’s appearance, but at the cost of the vehicle value. Since conventional repairs involve filling in and repainting over dents, this invalidates your factory finish warranty and gets documented on your vehicle’s Carfax report, which significantly reduces resale value. On the other hand, paintless dent repair actually removes the dents from the panels without damaging the paint or integrity of the vehicle, which is how PDR restores vehicle value. This fast and convenient method can get you back on the road with a better-looking vehicle in no time.

How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost?

The cost of repairs depends on the method used to fix or cover up the damage. PDR is a fraction of the cost of conventional repairs which take considerable time and labor to prep, fill in, sand down, paint over in layers and finish. Keep in mind that unless you have a comprehensive automotive insurance policy, you’ll be paying for the repairs out of pocket.

Paintless dent repair costs can vary, and will depend on the condition of the hood, top and trunk of your vehicle after the hailstorm passed. Hail damage repair costs in particular can range, due to the extent of the damage – the number, location and depth of dents can vary depending on the size of the hail stones. Luckily, since the certified PDR technicians are skillfully trained and perform the work with reusable tools, the time and labor costs are already much lower than what the cost would be for conventional repairs. Therefore, hail damage repair through paintless dent repair is a relatively cheaper repair job in comparison to other jobs performed in auto body shops. That’s why your car hail damage can quickly and easily be fixed through PDR dent removal. That also saves you (and potentially your insurance company) the cost of paying for a loaner vehicle until your car is fixed.

How Does the Process Work?

Your vehicle hail repair will be performed by a skilled technician certified in paintless dent repair and hail damage repair. Without certifications or years of experience, paintless dent removal can be done incorrectly without fully repairing the damage, which is why it’s important to visit and choose a reputable dent repair shop.

First, the technician will assess the damage done to your vehicle. Hail can cause a few small dents or a considerable amount of damage depending on the size of the hail stones and the strength of the storm’s winds. Not all shops provide free, in-person estimates but this is important to ensure your insurance company has an accurate, professional assessment of the costs of repairs in order to receive the correct amount in your payout. Then, the technician will access the underside of the damage panel. With specialized lighting that fully illuminates the dent cavities, the technician applies pressure in a slow, steady manner using industry-grade tools until the dent is gone.

Here at the Dent Shop, we are paintless dent repair and hail damage repair experts. If your car has recently been caught in a hailstorm, be sure to give us a call. Feel free to contact us, book an appointment or drop in for a free estimate to determine if PDR can fix your hail damage today!

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