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The Step-by-Step Process to Getting Hail Damage Repairs

hail damage repair

When your car sustains damage from hail, it’s crucial to seek hail damage repairs promptly. You may already know the importance of doing so, but if you’re unsure how to get started here is a step-by-step guide to getting hail damage repairs.

Seek Vehicle Hail Damage Assessment Services

Even before you consider having the dents repaired, you should first assess and establish the extent of the damage to determine the appropriate repair method. There are two ways to go about this.

  • You can document your car’s hail damage by taking clear pictures of the dents from hail
  • You can visit a dent repair shop and have professionals inspect the hail dents

This is important for insurance purposes, as your insurance company will require evidence of hail damage before they process your claim. When you take pictures of the hail damage, you may also share them with a dent repair technician. Having the technicians assess the auto hail damage is faster and more effective as they will be able to examine the extent of the damage more accurately. Additionally, hail damage repair professionals will tell if the hail damage can be fixed using paintless dent repair (PDR) or other methods.

File Your Insurance Claim for Auto Hail Damage

Now equipped with an accurate assessment that outlines the best repair method and the extent of the hail damage, you can file your insurance claim. The time it takes to get a claim number will depend on how fast your insurance adjuster will work on your claim. Therefore, having a well-documented hail damage report will help your insurance to process your claim faster. That’s why seeking hail damage assessment services is important. Additionally, some dent repair shops may help you complete the insurance claim process so that you can get your claim number faster.

Obtain A Hail Damage Repair Estimate

Ideally, it’s recommended to seek a repair estimate from a certified hail damage repair technician instead of one from an insurance adjuster. If you are not satisfied with the estimate you get from your insurance adjuster, you can shop around for more quotes. An estimate completed by an industry professional will likely be more accurate than one from an insurance adjuster; this is why it’s important to select a PDR shop that works with insurance companies and assists with hail damage repair insurance claims. In most cases, the dent repair professional who conducted the hail damage assessment will give you a free estimate for the hail damage repair.

Seek Professional Vehicle Hail Damage Repairs

After receiving your claim number and selecting a reputable, local dent repair shop, it’s time for the hail dents to be repaired. Here’s what you need to know about hail damage repair.

First, the most effective way to repair dents from hail is through paintless dent repair (PDR). PDR is the most preferred method as it is cost and time-effective, and more importantly, also preserves the original finish of your car. PDR is a systematic process that can take up to two hours when properly done by massaging out the dented metal. A certified dent repair technician may recommend PDR or other car dent repair methods after inspecting your vehicle’s hail damage. If the hail dents have not cracked and damaged the factory finished paint, then paintless dent removal can be used to repair the hail damage.

Secondly, don’t make the mistake of waiting much longer to have the dents from hail fixed. A second hailstorm, a collision or other damage to your vehicle can be problematic when it comes to filing an insurance claim or seeking the proper repairs. More extensive damage to your vehicle may necessitate invasive repairs that require repainting (which lowers vehicle value) or costly part replacement. Additionally, when you wait to have hail damage repair, you may have a problem with your insurance. Existing hail damage may negatively impact the insurance adjuster’s assessment of the repair costs, may invalidate a future claim or can reduce the amount of compensation your insurance policy is required to pay. Keep in mind that if the cost of multiple repairs exceeds the estimated value of your vehicle, your insurance company may deem your vehicle prematurely totaled. In summary, don’t postpone your repairs and risk additional damage impacting the already lowered value of your car.

To get the best hail damage repair services, you should trust an experienced professional from a top dent repair shop. Certified technicians rely on their training and expertise to provide quality PDR services to fix your hail damage thoroughly and efficiently. For high-quality hail damage repairs and top-notch customer service, contact Dent Shop today to get started.

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