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How Paintless Dent Repair Will Help Your Car

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For many vehicle owners, they consider their primary mode of transportation as an important investment. This requires taking care of maintenance and repairs; even small dents can affect the resale and trade-in value of a vehicle. If your car was bumped in a parking lot or dented by a stray sports ball or runaway bicycle, you should look into paintless dent repair (PDR). This method erases small dents and is a great way to keep your car looking brand new. Keep reading to learn a little bit about the process of paintless dent repair.

How A PDR Technician Evaluates Dent Damage

The first thing a PDR technician will address is the size and shape of your dent and its suitability for non-invasive repairs. They look for dents that are shallow with no major creasing. This method is best performed on cars that have minor dents that can be pulled or pushed out with special tools that a PDR technician will have on hand.

Beyond the shape and location of the ding, they will also examine closely for paint damage. Any imperfections that can be buffed out are not a concern, but if there’s chipped or cracked paint present, then PDR is not the repair method the vehicle needs. However, in most cases without paint damage, paintless dent repair is often the best method to fix such dings.

The Paintless Dent Repair Process

Once a technician decides that your dent is right for paintless dent repair, your vehicle will be inspected using lighting and mirrors so the technician can fully understand the damage before beginning. They may be able to fix the dent from the back of the damaged panel. Once they gain access to the underside of the dent, the metal can be pushed out gently to once again flow seamlessly with your car.

If the job cannot be completed from the inside, your technician can just as smoothly repair the dent from the outside. They will slowly pull on the metal using tabs and a temporary glue that will be removed once the metal is returned to its original form. These techniques can only be used by trained PDR technicians.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is one of the most cost-effective ways to help protect your investment in your vehicle. The method avoids repainting, which can significantly lower the resale value of your car. The process is quicker than other options for dent removal and can get you back in your car in less than a day. Dent removal technicians are knowledgeable about many makes and models of vehicles and can be trusted to handle these repairs.

Connecting with a paintless dent repair company near you will ensure that your vehicle holds its value. This method is the best way to fix your dents without altering the exterior. Turn to a trusted dent removal technician today to get those dings repaired and protect your vehicle. Contact us today at Dent Shop for a free repair estimate or text us photos of the damage for a free evaluation.

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