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The Best Way to Use Paintless Dent Repair

dents from hail

Having a dent in your vehicle is never good for resell value and the appearance of the car. Paintless dent repair (PDR) can provide the best solution for this issue. In fact, an estimated 80% to 90% of all dents can be fixed by using paintless dent repair techniques. But what is PDR, how does it really work and is it worth it?

The Effectiveness of PDR

Small and medium-sized dents are best-suited for PDR, but large dents can also be good candidates under the right conditions. These might be dents from hail, bumps in a parking lot or other shallow marks. PDR is fully effective at removing all these types of dents instead of masking over the damage for a cosmetic fix. If a dent is too deep or the paint is damaged, it may require a different service.

How Is PDR Done?

PDR is a modern dent repair method completed by trained professionals who have gone through training and achieved certifications to conduct these types of repairs. Thanks to the durable, flexible automotive paints and the strength of the metal panels, PDR technicians can bend the panel back into place while keeping the valuable paint intact. They apply pressure to the inside or underside of the dent using special tools. Under industry-grade lighting, they essentially push or massage the dent back into its proper shape from the inside of the panel that’s been damaged. This is why the method does not damage any paint or create any more issues. Finding a properly trained PDR technician is important to make sure your car returns to its undamaged form.

The Cost of PDR

At times, PDR can cost less than your insurance deductible, making it a worthwhile service. This is because there are no paints, filler, solvents, parts or laborious step-by-step processes to pay for. You likely won’t even need a loaner car because the process moves so quickly. It’s a cost-effective process that is even preferred by insurance companies because it helps restore the value of your car, truck, van or even motorcycle. This service can limit any extra costs that usually come with conventional repairs.

Why Choose PDR?

If your car’s dings or hail damaged dents are eligible for PDR, this repair process offers many benefits. This method will remove dents without touching or removing the original paint. This is important because without your factory finish paint intact (which is guaranteed to last longer), your vehicle could be worth thousands of dollars less.

PDR also has a faster turnaround time than other traditional repairs, which would include repainting and finishing the surface. You will never have to worry about a bad paint match and your car is back on the street sooner. Unlike traditional methods, there are no fillers used. This method of removing dents from hail and other small damages addresses the root of the problem.

Getting a small dent repair done is not a time-consuming hassle with paintless dent repair. You can save money on helping your car look damage-free again. Look into a technician near you to keep on hand for when your car needs to be serviced or call us at Dent Shop if you need a free estimate.

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