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Protecting Your Vehicle From Hail Damage

auto hail damage

Hailstorms can cause devastating damage to property, including your car. If you don’t take steps to protect your car, the damage can be significant – we are not talking about just a few dents. Before the next hailstorm passes through, here’s what you can do to protect your car from auto hail damage.

How to Prevent Auto Hail Damage When You Don’t Have a Garage

If you’ve experienced a hailstorm before, you’re likely to know the type of weather conditions that can cause hail. However, even if you’re watching the weather channel, you may not be able to predict when a storm arrives. That’s why you need to prepare in advance, perhaps by purchasing a carport or thick blankets if your home does not have a garage.

Keep in mind that a carport might not provide comprehensive cover because hail is often accompanied by strong winds that blow from all angles. To minimize auto hail damage, try to park the car in the center, with the windshield facing the direction of the hailstorm. (Windshields are the strongest glass on your vehicle, while the other windows are more likely to shatter from the hail.) If you can’t find a suitable structure to park your car underneath, the next best thing is purchasing a car cover. The thick, protective cloth can help minimize the damage.

As a last resort, you can simply throw blankets or quilts over your car and tape them to the bottom of the car so they stay put.

How to Prevent Auto Hail Damage When Driving

If you’re on the road when a hailstorm happens, the first thing you should do is find cover, for instance, under a parking garage, bridge, covered gas station or overpass. If you can’t find substantial cover, the next best thing is to park next to a large building, on the opposite side from where the wind is blowing.

Avoid parking under a tree since serious storms can cause broken tree limbs and even topple trees over. If there’s simply nowhere to shelter your car, don’t try to outrun the storm. Instead, pull over. Make sure your car is parked at an angle where your shatter-resistant windshield will face the brunt of the hail. While in the car, keep away from the windows as much as possible on case they break. Shelter in the middle of your car with a blanket over you and wait for the hailstorm to pass.

And of course, it goes without saying that if you have a garage, simply make sure your car is parked snugly inside. But sometimes when you’re caught unaware by a hailstorm, damage to your car is unavoidable. If that happens, the next step is to find a reputable vehicle shop that can get your car in good condition again. The good news is you can make Dent Shop your one-stop shop because we know everything about fixing auto hail damage. If your car needs some TLC after a hailstorm, get in touch and schedule your free estimate!

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