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6 Signs You Should Invest in Dent Repair

When your car is your pride and joy, you take extra care to make sure it’s clean, in good condition and that you drive safe to keep it damage-free. But a severe storm can roll in out of nowhere and pummel your car with hail. According to the National Weather Service, all it takes is a golf ball-sized hailstone to damage your car and cause dents no one wants to see. Let’s review a few signs it’s time to get dent repair with a PDR specialist.

1. The Dent is Large

A large dent is more than just an eyesore. Depending on its location, it can affect how your car functions or drives. Either way, it’s a noticeable dent that lowers the worth of your vehicle and affects your opinion of your ride. Rather than allowing the damage to stay as it is, just get the damage fixed quickly at a local PDR shop.

2. The Dent Is in an Unusual Place

Dents can happen anywhere in your car, but some places are more difficult to fix than others. If the dent is on a curvy or hard-to-reach section of your car, it might be best to leave it to the professionals. They have the tools and experience to reach those difficult spots and fix the damage without harming the paint on your vehicle.

3. Constant Door Dings

If you live in a city or park in tight spaces, door dings are practically inevitable. While a few door dings here and there probably won’t do any serious damage, they do make your vehicle look bad. If you find your vehicle could use a touch-up, have a PDR specialist remove those pesky dings and dents for you.

4. Your Car’s Hit By Hail

Depending on where you live, hail is one of the most common causes of car damage. If your car was caught in a hail storm, it’s best to have the dents repaired as soon as possible. Image if you get into a car accident and the value of your vehicle is already diminshed by hail. That means your insurance company could decide to prematurely total your car if the cost of repairs exceeds the value of your vehicle. PDR specialists can remove hail damage quickly and thoroughly, avoiding this situation easily.

5. You’re Selling Your Car

If you’re selling your car, you’ll want to get any dents repaired before you list it. Dents can lower the value of your car, so it’s best to have them fixed before you try to sell. Since in the past, vehicle dents were expensive to fix with traditional repairs and required repainting, a dented vehicle was worth significantly less. PDR can eliminate the damage as if it were never there.

6. Avoid Paint Damage with Traditional Repairs

The last reason to invest in paintless dent repair is to avoid repainting that comes with traditional repairs. Because the integrity of your paint is compromised when repainting happens, this lowers the value of your vehicle because the new paint might not last as long or look as good as the original. Paint damage leads to rust. If you use a dent repair service like PDR, it can fix the dent without damaging the paint.

If you’re dealing with any of the issues or signs above, then it’s time to consider paintless dent repair. Get your ride looking like new again with fast, cost-effective PDR. Get in touch with us at Dent Shop today to schedule a free estimate.

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