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3 Things You Need to Know About Hail Damage Repair

hail damage repair

When most people think of car damage they think of crashes and blown airbags that deploy within 40 milliseconds of impact. But sometimes Mother Nature can be the biggest culprit instead, especially with hailstorms. Let’s take a look at how hail can damage vehicles and what you should do if you find yourself in need of hail damage repair.

Hail Damage Is More Common Than You Think

While tiny bits of hail might be more of a nuisance than a threat, things can turn more precarious the larger the ice balls get. Hailstorms can often cause dents, damage paint and crack windows. Dimples and dents across the upper portion of a vehicle are the most common form of damage. Depending on the severity of the hailstorm, these dents can vary in size and depth. Often these will noticeably appear on the hood, roof and trunk, with less obvious damage sometimes occurring on the sides of the vehicle. Thankfully, comprehensive insurance policies will often cover this type of damage (after meeting your deductible of course). Regardless of the auto insurance policy you have, it’s important to invest in repairs as soon as possible.

You Should Never Wait for Hail Damage Repair

When your car is damaged by hail, it’s important to invest in repairs as soon as possible. It might seem like an inconvenience, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. If you wait too long for hail damage repair, you could risk the integrity of your car’s paint (in the event of another hailstorm), your car’s resale value and the overall safety rating of your car. In many cases of hail damage, your car’s durable paint can stretch with the dented metal. But when another hailstorm happens, hail can impact the dented parts and worsen the damage, even cracking or chipping the paint. Any exposed metal will inevitably begin to rust and can harm the structural integrity of the metal, which is why it’s important to seek hail damage repairs promptly.

Consider Paintless Dent Repair as an Option

When it comes to repairing dents caused by hail, paintless dent repair is one of the best options. With this form of repair, a technician first assesses the damage across the vehicle’s surface to determine if paintless dent repair can effectively fix the damage. If the technician gives the green light, the area can then be examined, marked and prepared for treatment. The technician accesses the underside of the metal panels and uses specialized tools to apply slow and steady pressure to the dented areas. This helps gradually bend and move the material back to its original position, working until the dents from hail are gone. This type of repair method truly fixes the damage and requires no paint, no filler or bondo and no Carfax report. If your car is found to be a good candidate for this type of repair the procedure can usually be completed within one day, depending on how many dents need to be treated and the severity of the damage.

If your car has been damaged by hail, consider talking to a hail damage repair professional to obtain high-quality repairs. Just make sure you don’t wait too long to do so. For top-notch repairs and fantastic customer service from one of the nation’s leading paintless dent repair shops, contact Dent Shop today!

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