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Paintless Dent Repair Can Remove Golf-Ball Dents!

Paintless Dent Repair Can Remove Golf-Ball Dents!

While we might not always be willing to admit it outright, outward appearances are important to us. We want to look our best, and the vehicles we drive are very effective in making a memorable first impression. To maintain their appearance, we wash, wax, and do our best to ensure their cosmetic appearance. Then…it happens. A ding, dent, or abrasion compromises the integrity of our automobile’s appearance. From golf balls to shopping carts, these can occur when we least suspect them. In the past, having them fixed meant leaving your car at a body shop for several days while the dents were pounded out and the affected areas painted over by a color that might not come close to matching the original. But now, there’s a better way.

A Better Way for Body Work

This better way to remove those golf-ball-shaped dents is what’s known as paintless dent removal (PDR). Rather than use harmful chemicals that strip the paint and attack the dent from the surface of the vehicle, PDR is a process in which the vehicle’s exterior panels are removed, and the dent is smoothed out with a series of special tools from behind. This leaves your paint job intact. This means that the dents in your vehicle can be removed in a matter of hours instead of days.

The Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

The advantages of paintless dent removal are several. Besides taking much less time for repair to be completed, you also help contribute to an environmentally friendly process. The process of removing paint, sanding, and hammering also means generating a lot of waste and using harmful chemicals that aren’t always properly disposed of. Paintless dent removal reduces waste and is performed without the use of chemical compounds. You’ll also notice that paintless dent removal will help you maintain the resale value of your car and keep certain warranty coverages intact. Your vehicle’s residual value is based on any alterations, such as a paint job, and some warranties that cover corrosion damage are voided when one is applied to the vehicle in question. It’s a process that everyone benefits from, so much the better.

Dent Shop Redlands

If you’re in the Redlands area and have a few dings and dents that need to be removed, trust the experts at Dent Shop to utilize their skilled hands and apply paintless dent removal to your vehicle. For more information, give our team a call today at 909-300-5006.

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