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Common Reasons Your Car Might Be Dented

Common Reasons Your Car Might Be Dented

Sadly, there is a long list of ways your car can receive an ugly dent (or several of them, making it impossible to hide). We’ve seen it all at the Dent Shop, which sometimes is a testament to how much chaos roams our vehicles.

Fear not, however, because these issues have a resolution, provided your car has only superficial dent damage. Our paintless dent repair (PDR) can iron out a lot of damages much quicker/cheaper than the typical automotive repair places.

  • Shallow Dents – These are among the most common ones we see in our shop. They normally come from folks getting a little careless when they open the car door next to you. Many of these damages do not involve scraping off paint, so they’re an easy fix for us.
  • Round Dents – How do you get those perfectly round dents on the hood or roof of your car? Well, if you’ve ever left your vehicle out during a hail storm, you know exactly what causes those.
  • Long Dents – These occur when you run into something sharp or suffer a significant collision. Many large dents don’t involve paint damage, so our tools can handle them.
  • Animals – Your vehicle is vulnerable to woodpeckers, squirrels, stray cats/dogs, and deer. We even get clients who come to us with lots of hood damage after colliding into a deer.
  • Pavement Rocks – Loose pavement rocks are a threat to your windshield and can cause dents anywhere. This can also happen if a large truck (carrying rocks or granules) doesn’t secure their tow properly, and lets those small projectiles all over the place in front of you.
  • Grocery Store Carts – You should always park away from the store to avoid loose grocery store carts. People will leave them anywhere. You might never realize what happened when you exit the store and find dents on your doors or bumper.
  • Tree Branches – These can be huge and dangerous to your vehicle or anything else you park underneath them. It’s always safer to keep your car in a garage or at least away from trees.
  • Resolve These Dents & Damages with PDR at Dent Shop

    Again, don’t let these mishaps discourage you. There is a way to address these issues more often than not. Our talented crew can twist out those dents without costing a fortune on fresh paint, bondo, filler, or other expensive items.

    Dent Shop Redlands can make small and large dents a thing of the past with our effective tools and our wherewithal to use them well. That last part is important because we see all too many car owners try to “DIY” the PDR process, only to walk away with a bigger mess on their hands.

    Call us anytime at 909-300-5006 to rediscover why we’re the professionals when it comes to fixing an array of difficult exterior damages.

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