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The Benefits of PDR Instead of Having Your Vehicle Repainted

The Benefits of PDR Instead of Having Your Vehicle Repainted

For an automobile owner, there are few things more frustrating than dealing with the various dents and abrasions that can occur thanks to the weather, minor collisions, and other mishaps that get thrown in our general direction. In the past, having them repaired involved taking your vehicle to a traditional auto body shop and having them sanded, bonded, and then painted over with a color scheme that might not match your vehicle’s original paint job. This also meant being without transportation for a few days while you waited for your vehicle to be serviced. But thanks to paintless dent removal, these complications are a worry of the past.

What is PDR?

PDR, or paintless dent removal, is a new method of repairing the dents your vehicle receives. Rather than tackling the dents on the surface, PDR involves removing your vehicle’s exterior panels and handling them from behind. This eliminates the need for painting and bonding. This takes considerably less time and can be done in a matter of hours, sometimes less.

Retaining Resale Value

Here’s something that you might not be aware of. Having your vehicle repainted can actually lower its resale value. While the value lessens yearly because of depreciation, having it painted can hasten this process. Not only will this lower the value of your vehicle, but there’s a chance that this might also void warranty coverage that was placed on your vehicle at the time of purchase.

Better for the Environment

While having your vehicle serviced at a traditional body shop can cost more and take much longer, it also does more harm than good. The harm we’re speaking of isn’t to your bank account but to the environment as a whole. A traditional body shop uses a lot of different chemicals that do a great deal of harm to the environment if they’re not properly disposed of. PDR is an excellent way to be more environmentally conscious and help do our part to reduce the carbon footprint left by the automotive industry each year.

Dent Shop Redlands

PDR is an excellent and cost-effective way to repair your vehicle without damaging the paint or lessening its current value if you find yourself on the receiving end of some dings, dents, and other unsightly abrasions. For more information about Dent Shop Redlands and how our PDR services can benefit you, fill out the form below or give our team a call at 909-300-5006.

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