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Reasons to Use PDR to Maintain Leased Vehicles

Reasons to Use PDR to Maintain Leased Vehicles

Paintless dent repair works wonder for improving the appearance of any vehicle: cars, trucks, SUVS . . . even motorcycles. We’ve seen it all at the Dent Shop in Redlands, enough to know how much of a difference this makes.

What about using PDR for leased vehicles?

Yes, we work with folks who do this all the time, and it makes perfect sense. Most leasing arrangements require you to keep a vehicle in at least decent conditions, which means you have to address the dings and damages you sustain. Take a moment to read this brief article on why PDR is a great idea for leased vehicles.

Vehicle Lease Terms Are Strict

There will come a day where you’ll want to exchange your leased model for something new, and it’s critical to give it back the way you found it. Many leasing contracts require you to return the vehicle in almost mint condition, or face a penalty. Why do you think car washes have become so popular?

Since leasing has become much more common (especially among millennial drivers), car washes and other maintenance matters have become essential. Leasers have to pay arguably more attention to the exterior conditions of their cars, making PDR a crucial service if you suffer a few dents in a collision.

Leasing a Luxury Vehicle Practically Demands It

Let’s say you’re leasing a premium model, like a Rolls Royce or Audi. Half the point of possessing (owning, leasing, or otherwise) one of those would be to drive something beautiful and majestic. It’s a symbol of class and character just like wearing a fresh-pressed business suit. Plus, you can’t call it majestic if it’s riddled with dents.

Therefore, it behooves you to take extra care of it. Who would ever drive a mangled or dented BMW or Aston Martin? Also, instead of taking those luxury cars to the hyper-expensive dealership, you can visit us to remove even the larger dents for a fraction of the cost.

PDR Is Less Intensive Than Other Repair Options

Our service doesn’t involve using fillers or repainting the entire vehicle. All we do is physically iron out the dents from the other side of it. That’s why it’s faster and much more affordable than the service you’d get from an auto body shop.

Prompt & Reliable Paintless Dent Repair in Redlands, California

Whether your leased vehicle has gotten beaten up from a hailstorm, children playing baseball nearby, or a parking lot incident, we can help resolve ugly superficial damages. Most of the time, we can even get your ride back to you within the same day.

So, visit Dent Shop in Redlands soon, and restore your leased car to its former glory. You can find us on Nevada Street (off Redlands Blvd), near Lowe’s Home Improvement. Contact us anytime to ask questions or schedule service by calling 909-300-5006.

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