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Why You Shouldn’t Fix the Dent Yourself

Why You Shouldn't Fix the Dent Yourself

Have you ever found a dent on your car and thought “C’mon, I can get that out by myself”?

While we can appreciate folks wanting to take charge and find solutions, it’s better to leave this stuff to the pros. We’ve seen the “DIY” approach to dent repair make things worse far too many times. Instead, here are a few reasons to avoid doing it yourself, and let us fix everything faster with paintless dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair is a Specialized Task (and requires training)

Yes, it’s remarkable what skills you can build from watching YouTube tutorials these days. However, dent repair is as much an art as it is a science. If you make a mistake, you could over-fix the dent and create a different problem on the other side of the panel. Dent repair requires practice and technique, and your expensive SUV may not be the best place to learn the ropes.

You Might Damage the Paint

The whole point of calling it a “paintless” repair service hinges upon the fact that we neither alter, nor inflict damage onto the car paint. So, even though there are DIY kits for paintless dent repair, they don’t have the best equipment in the world. One false move with a suction tool could leave with you an even more expensive repair from paint damage you didn’t originally have.

Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty

In the world of contract repair services, we deal with warranty terms and conditions all the time. Nothing voids a warranty faster than invasive DIY repairs. As soon as you attempt to do your own service work, all bets are off, thereafter.

You Can Use Insurance to Cover it

The typical paintless dent repair job runs between $250 to $450, but sometimes it may be higher for severe damages in difficult locations. Fortunately, it is possible to use vehicular insurance to pay for it sometimes.

Come to the Dent Shop to Get it Done Faster

One of the perks of our service is that we can normally do it with a same-day turnaround time. If you decide to handle it yourself, you’ll first have to read or watch tutorials, then slowly attempt to fix the problem (hopefully, without making it worse). It’s more efficient and far less risky to take it to the Dent Shop and rely on our years of experience handling any small, medium, and large dents.

Those are five good reasons to choose our paintless dent repair service in Redlands, California, versus fixing it yourself.

Dent Shop Redlands can fix any dents on your car, truck, or SUV without needing a new paint job. This works well after hail storms, fender benders, rear-end collisions, and other frustrating mishaps. Find out how you can resolve those unsightly dents without visiting an expensive auto body shop by calling us today at 909-300-5006.

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