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Top Advantages to PDR for Dents on Your Car

Top Advantages to PDR for Dents on Your Car

What are the major advantages of using paintless dent repair (PDR) to fix dents and damages to your vehicle?

There are several reasons folks come to us for an alternative to taking a dented car bumper or side door to an expensive body shop. It’s more affordable, saves time, and lets you drive around town without looking like you can’t afford repairs.

Save Money

Have you had to spend days and weeks waiting on repairs in a body shop? We have nothing against body shops, but they have a lot on their plate, which means when you visit them for dent repair, they’ll charge a lot for labor.

Besides, if it’s something we can fix, with way less intervention, it only makes sense to choose the more affordable option.

Save Time

This is right in line with the previous point. One of our service highlights is the fact that we can achieve same-day turnaround for a large proportion of our clients in Redlands. If nothing else, by eschewing the wait for a new paint job (which takes a while), you’ll get your car back much quicker.

Retain Vehicle Value

Normally, if you decide to repaint your vehicle to address dents after a wreck, you’ll have to replace OEM parts in order to retain value.Even OEM parts do not save value. ONce a car has been repainted, it loses value. Also insurance companies often push to use aftermarket parts on cars. PDR, however, is a fantastic shortcut to restoring your vehicle to near-mint condition. This doesn’t have to involve car accidents and hail storms either. Even if you have an older vehicle with small dents or minor wear and tear, we can quickly smooth out everything, giving you a much better resale opportunity.

No Need to Worry About New Parts or Upgrades

Not only does this eliminate the stress of going through a new paint job, it also requires no additional parts. Our service doesn’t require bondo, body fillers, or other patchwork materials. We also do not perform any type of drilling, welding, cutting, or other heavy-duty work. For that reason alone, PDR is one of the best, low-maintenance, and efficient ways to dress car dents of any size.

Those are four solid reasons to remember the Dent Shop in Redlands the next time you suffer an ugly dent or hail damage to your car, truck or SUV. We complete most of our work within the same day, but we can also hook you up with a free loaner car in the meantime. You’re welcome to call us anytime to ask questions or learn more at 909-300-5006.

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