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Don’t Tolerate Hail Damage; Let PDR Fix The Problem

Don’t Tolerate Hail Damage; Let PDR Fix The Problem (1)

The folks we serve in Rapid City love the way we iron out roof and hood damages following torrential hail storms.

If you’ve ever left your vehicle outside without overhead protection, only for it to get attacked by several minutes of hail, then you know what we mean. Those damages can be severe, but we can still repair them. Best of all, this doesn’t cost a fortune, require new paint, or long waits.

These are the primary reasons people visit us for paintless dent repair (PDR) to address hail damage.

Reasons to Get PDR for Hail Damage Repair

Return Your Vehicle to Its Original Appearance
– PDR doesn’t just “mostly fix the problem.” It allows you to regain your car, truck or SUVs original condition without taking it to an expensive repair center or forking over lots of cash for new paint. Our team does such precise work that nobody will notice you ever had damages, or that your vehicle had undergone PDR.

We Move Quickly – Car dealerships and repair centers offer terrific help for mechanical work under the hood, but they’re less optimal for cosmetic fixes. Smart car owners, who know the value of their time, will come to us if the damages are superficial and don’t involve compromised paint. This is how you avoid long lines and bureaucracy because most of our work takes less than a day to complete.

Cheaper Than Other Alternatives – A fresh coat of car paint can cost a pretty penny, often north of $1,000. Therefore, you should only pursue that option when there’s substantial paint damage, leaving you no other options. It’s far more cost-effective to let us iron out those hail-size dents, get your car back quicker, and be no worse for the wear.

Friendly Service – Besides helping you maintain your car’s resale value, our folks pride themselves on courtesy and customer service. You won’t feel like you’re visiting a shady, fly-by-night business when you stop by our shop for a quick inspection. Plus, if we think PDR won’t resolve the problem, then we’ll tell you the truth about it. Fortunately, hail damage is pretty manageable for our team.

Our Guys Have Plenty of Training/Experience with PDR – Although it’s gaining popularity, PDR is still a less common trade. We’re beginning to see lots of “DIY” tutorials on this technique, but it’s not the wisest way to accomplish this. We recommend letting a professional do this to avoid making problems worse with subpar equipment.

Don’t Tolerate Hail Damage; Let Us Fix The Problem

You don’t have to take our word for how well PDR works. Just look over all the before-and-after photos and videos on our gallery page. There you’ll see how transforming massive hail damage is right in our wheelhouse.

Dent Shop Rapid City can handle almost any manner of dents, dings, and damages affecting any vehicle type. If you’d like to learn more about fixing hail damage with PDR, then please contact us anytime by calling 605-646-5414.

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