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10 Common Causes of Car Dents

10 Common Causes of Car Dents

It’s amazing how well they make gorgeous and aerodynamic cars these days. The mechanical and aesthetic design of modern models is something to behold whether you drive an SUV, muscle car, Jeep, or truck.

Alas, there are several ways to dent and damage all that beautiful exterior framework. That’s why we run the paintless dent repair (PDR) business of ours here in Rapid City. Check out the 10 most common causes for dents and damages we see all the time at Dent Shop.

Hail Storms

Nature’s fury is a tremendous source of vehicular damage. Fortunately, hail damage is our speciality, even after it wreaks havoc on your car’s roof and hood.

Children at Play

The children in your neighborhood (or your own, perhaps) may decide to play baseball or hockey in the street near your car. This is a small dent, ding, or busted window just waiting to happen . . .

Long Dents

Once in a while, you might sustain a slash or long dent (from various sources) without any paint damage. If so, then it may be something we can resolve with PDR.


Here, we’re talking about everything from woodpeckers and squirrels to stray cats and deer. Yes, there are ways to fix dents even after you mangle your front bumper or hood by hitting a deer.

Pavement Rocks

Once the highway or local roads deteriorate, loose pavement rocks are bound to get all over the place and strike your vehicle. This also happens if a large truck has lots of small rocks or sand in tow, capable of becoming hazardous projectiles heading toward your hood or windshield.

Parking Outdoors (Rather than in a Garage)

This deserves its own spot because leaving your car outside is often where the problem starts. By parking it in a garage, you eliminate the threat of children, tree limbs, hail, and so forth.

Grocery Store Carts

It’s a great idea to park farther away from the store whenever possible. That limits the chance of someone carelessly careening a grocery cart into your side or back bumper.

Tree Branches

It would be silly to think fallen tree branches would only graze your car gently like a feather . . .

Close Confines

Nobody enjoys it when someone parks too close to your car, forcing you to struggle to open the door. Then, there’s an equal chance that the other person will open their door and dent your side panel.

Ice, Slush, & Other Elements

In South Dakota, we experience winter elements that threaten our vehicles. It’s nothing for a loose chunk of ice or slush to scrape something or even dent your car. You’re most exposed to this problem if you drive a low-riding sedan.

That’s a fairly extensive list of dent causes, but you could also find yourself in a minor or major collision. Even in awful situations, like serious wrecks, Dent Shop Rapid City can help you address superficial damages to your car, truck, or SUV. Contact us to learn more about PDR by calling 605-524-2650.

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