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You Need to Get Your Vehicle Hail Dents Removed More Than You Think

vehicle hail damage

Is the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle littered with dents from hail? Up to 77% of vehicles in regions prone to hailstorms will receive dents and dings due to hail damage and necessitate dent removal services. Hail damage is noticeable, unsightly and decreases the value of vehicles.

While there are likely dozens of vehicle maintenance and repair shops in your region, you want to find a shop specializing in paintless dent repair (PDR) for hail damage. PDR saves money and time, helps maintain the original paint on your car, and keeps negative reports off of CARFAX in case you want to sell your car later. Below are the top reasons you need to have dents removed immediately.

Paintless Dent Removal Is Fast and Effective

Are you worried about needing a rental car for at least a week while having hail damage fixed? Repair technicians recommend having hail damage corrected using PDR. Depending on the severity and location of the hail damage, you can have the body of your vehicle repaired in as little as one or two days depending on the extent of the damage. In some cases, dent removal can happen the same day you bring your vehicle in if the hail damage is light and you’re able to make an appointment.

PDR is Necessary Before Additional Hail Damage Happens

If you’re lucky, the dents from an initial hailstorm will not crack your paint, meaning PDR can be used on your vehicle. But if another hailstorm happens, the impact from the hailstones can further damage existing dents, and even crack or chip paint. This is especially true if the existing dents crease even more due to a weakened body panel from the second hailstorm. Should that happen, you’ll need to have a panel replacement or conventional repairs with repainting because otherwise the exposed metal will rust and spread over time. PDR techniques are effective in repairing hail damage and can restore your vehicle to prime condition.

Traditional Dent Repair Techniques Are More Expensive

One main reason you do not want to postpone paintless dent removal is the fact that conventional repair techniques cost more and take more time to provide. Going this route means you may have to have the panels of your vehicle repainted or replaced. This will reduce the overall value of your automobile, too. Try not to postpone hail damage repairs, because an additional storm could worsen the damage and render your vehicle unsuitable for PDR.

When your auto has been damaged by hail, contact an auto body shop that specializes in paintless dent repairs. There is no better way to preserve the value of your vehicle. PDR is an invaluable service that will make your car look as good as new. To learn more about this excellent hail damage repair method, contact the Dent Shop today.

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