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Why You Should Leave Paintless Dent Repair To The Pros

Paintless dent repair is an easy way to ensure that your vehicle stays in great shape and looks good as new when it needs dent removal. Paintless dent repair, also called PDR, fully fixes the dents and pings that can appear on your vehicle. It requires specific industry tools and a specialized skill set, so it’s not a DIY option. PDR should be left to the professionals to get the best results – here are some reasons why.

What is PDR?

First, let’s examine what PDR is and why this repair technique is often the best choice to repair dents and dings. PDR is a process that massages out dents and dings in your vehicle body that can come from hail damage, road debris and other incidents. Certified, highly trained professionals used industry tools to remove the damage without harming the factory finish paint.

These specialty tools are designed to apply pressure directly to the dented area. At times, the technicians can apply pressure to both sides of the dent to make the bent metal return to its original structure. The result is that the dent is completely erased, as if the damage never happened. The professionals make the repair process fast and convenient for customers thanks to their years of training.

PDR’s Major Benefits

PDR is Cost Effective

You may think that this seemingly magical process is expensive, but it is not. Compared to the average cost of typical car repairs, PDR is highly affordable. Paintless dent removal is cheaper than your average auto repair since it doesn’t require parts, is a fast process and isn’t labor-intensive. Professionals that specialize in PDR can restore your vehicle’s value for less than you think.

Paintless Dent Repair is Fast

Taking your vehicle to a professional that specializes in PDR can save you money and it can save you time. Most repairs of this type can be made in a single day. Instead of having to leave your vehicle sitting in the shop for days, you can often drop it off in the morning and pick it up in the evening. This also means you don’t need to worry about getting a loaner vehicle or using expensive ridesharing apps for weeks. Professional dent removal via PDR is a quick solution to your repair needs.

PDR Does Not Affect Your Car Warranty

When done by a professional, PDR will not negatively impact your vehicle’s warranty. This is because the important factory finish paint remains intact during the PDR process. You never want to risk damaging your paint and voiding your warranty, especially if you have any future problems. Opting for professional repairs is one way you can rest assured your warranty will stay in good standing.

PDR Restores The Value of Your Vehicle

Even small dents and dings reduce the value of your vehicle. Aesthetics are very important when you go to trade in or sell your car, but so is vehicle history. Paintless dent removal can help to restore the value of your vehicle and ultimately help you to protect your investment without harming your vehicle paint.

PDR Keeps Your Vehicle In Top Condition

Repairs using PDR helps you to keep your vehicle in showroom condition. PDR is an easy way to ensure that your vehicle holds value and makes you feel proud to drive your car, truck, van, motorcycle or SUV around. Rather than worry about how the dents on your car reflects on you, feel confident in driving around a well-repaired vehicle that makes the damage look like it was never there.

This is Not a DIY Type Project

Professional PDR is a very affordable option that will keep your vehicle from further potential damage. This is not something you want to try as a DIY project because you will risk causing unnecessary damage to your vehicle if you are not experienced in how to use the tools and how to gently massage those dents out. Remember that causing damage to the paint is the last thing you ever want to do. Use professional PDR services to quickly and thoroughly remove the damage without damaging the paint or your vehicle warranty.

Why take the risk of causing more damage to your vehicle when it is so affordable to just take your vehicle to a professional that has the expertise to get great results and protect your vehicle in the process? Yes, the pros make PDR look easy, but that comes from formal training and years of experience. Protecting your vehicle during the restoration process has to be a priority. Take advantage of the benefits of PDR by enlisting the help of an expert – contact us at Dent Shop today!

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