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Why You Should Get PDR Instead of Repainting Your Vehicle

Small and medium dents are unlikely to impact your car’s driving capabilities, but they do affect your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance and market value. Conventional methods for dent removal often involve a repainting job that covers up the damage, but reduces the value of car. For this reason, many car owners are opting for paintless dental repair (PDR), which uses methodical pushes and pulls to restore the vehicle to its original shape without needing to repaint.

Essentially, PDR is a better option than repainting your vehicle when it comes to dent repairs. According to GlobeNewswire, the PDR market is expected to grow by $417.75 million between 2022 and 2026. This means that finding a reputable paintless dent repair service near you will become easier, and an experienced PDR technician will ensure your vehicle looks as good as new afterward.

Here are four reasons why paintless dent removal is a better method for fixing dents and dings than repainting.

1. PDR Saves Time

Traditional dental repair in an auto body shop involves applying filler, which oftentimes needs to harden overnight; then, sanding and repainting have to take place, extending the process. On the other hand, paintless dent removal only involves applying pressure to the dent using special tools to push and suction the dented panel back to its original shape. The process only takes a few hours, and your car will look as good as new.

2. PDR Retains Your Vehicle’s Value

Common auto repairs such as a repainting job are reflected on CARFAX, which serves to document maintenance and major repairs. With conventional repairs (repainting), your vehicle’s resale value will decline. When you choose paintless dent removal instead, it doesn’t have to be reported to CARFAX. Your vehicle will have the same value because with PDR, the process fully removes dents from the panel as if the damage was never there.

3. PDR Eliminates the Need for Repainting

A car’s original paint is like gold, incredibly valuable. The color, finish and durability of the original factory paint is warrantied to last for decades thanks to advancements in modern automotive paint. But with repainting, there is room for error and a possibility of issues down the road. The repaint job may not exactly match the rest of the car or the color could fade over time (at a different rate than the rest of the vehicle). Dust or other contaminants present during repainting can affect the pristine appearance of the surface. At times, the new paint layer can even bubble or scratch more easily. All these issues make repainting much less desirable, which is why many vehicle owners choose PDR instead.

4. PDR Is Cost-Effective

Paintless dent repair is much more cost-effective since it takes less time, materials and labor to complete. Whether your vehicle sustains minor dents or extensive hail damage, get an estimate from a paintless dent repair shop and compare it to one from an auto body shop. The time savings and price of repair alone will be worth it to choose PDR over conventional repainting. You likely won’t even need a loaner car while the PDR technician is fixing your vehicle. Because it’s much more cost-effective, that’s why auto insurance companies prefer paintless dent repair as well.

Getting your car dented is an unpredictable event that even the most careful drivers often can’t avoid. Paintless dent removal is often the most efficient, cost-effective and value-preserving approach. If your car was recently dinged or sustained dents from hail damage, the Dent Shop can remove it thoroughly and quickly fix your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free estimate.

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