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Why PDR Is Your Best Motorcycle Dent Repair Solution

motorcycle fuel tank dent repair

It may surprise you to know that roughly $60 billion worth of vehicle repairs and maintenance go unperformed every year. The reasoning behind this usually boils down to how expensive it can be to have proper repairs done on a vehicle. This goes double for motorcycles, which can sometimes be tricky to work on, depending on the issue and the condition of the bike. What can be done?

PDR Is the Answer

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your problem when your motorcycle gets dented or dinged. Paintless dent repair (PDR) will help bring your bike back to its original pre-accident condition in just a few hours without the need for an extensive paint job or a mile-long bill. Here are a few reasons why paintless dent repair is your best motorcycle fuel tank dent repair solution.

PDR Means No Need for Expensive Paint Work

Have a custom finish you’re not happy about losing? Or just don’t want the extra cost of a paint job or touch-up on top of everything else? Paintless dent repair has you covered. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of paintless dent repair is that it preserves your stock or custom paint job, eliminating the need for costly touch-ups or even a full repaint. By applying pressure behind the dent to massage it out rather than ‘pulling’ from the dented side, PDR manages to preserve paint jobs, whether stock or custom, every time.

PDR Is An Efficient Process

Removing dents in a more traditional manner might leave your bike in the shop for a few days. But with paintless dent repair, you can typically have your bike repaired and returned to you on the same day you bring it in. In most cases, depending on the size and location of the dent, the process of removing a dent through PDR work will take between one and four hours to complete. With the help of an experienced PDR technician, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

PDR: Simple Tools Create Stunning Dent Repair Results

Motorcycle fuel tank dent repair can be tricky due to the location of the damage and the thickness of the metal. In paintless dent repair, custom-designed steel rods gain access to the area behind the dent and gently apply pressure to the damaged area. This slow application of pressure removes the dent with no harm done to the finish.

Motorcycle fuel tank dent repair can be difficult, but with paintless dent repair, you can get back to cruising in a few hours with no worries about your stock or custom finish. Painless dent repair easily brings your bike back to its pre-accident condition with the help of certified PDR technicians. Contact our professionals at Dent Shop today for the best motorcycle fuel tank dent repair solution around and get your free estimate today.

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