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Five Reasons PDR Is The Best Solution for Repairing Dents from Hail

repair hail dents

During a hailstorm, your vehicle may sustain hail damage on the roof, side panels, or on the hood or trunk. You should get a reputable dent removal technician to evaluate and repair these dents from hail stones, using the most effective hail damage repair method: paintless dent repair (PDR). Here’s why.

PDR for Hail Damage is Minimally Invasive

Typically, dents from hail impacts are prime candidates for paintless dent repair. According to the National Weather Service, for hail to extensively damage your vehicle, it would take a hailstone larger the size of a golf ball (1.75 inches). As such, in most cases you can repair hail dents using PDR methods. Paintless dent repair is quick and minimally invasive as it doesn’t require sanding, painting or filling as with traditional auto body repairs.

PDR Ensures Efficient Hail Damage Repairs

A PDR technician will use special mirrors and lighting to inspect the extent of the auto hail damage. Your PDR technician will then access the dented panels from the backside. Only the interior panels need to be removed for this inspection, which means it’s a relatively quick process. Once your technician can access the dented outer panel, they use specialized tools and techniques to gently unbend it and work the metal back to its original shape. When expertly done, PDR can take less than two hours to complete.

PDR for Hail Damage is Cost-Effective

Compared to traditional auto body repairs, paintless dent repair is cost-effective because it utilizes fewer repair materials, less labor and less time. Save yourself a great deal of money and time with PDR as opposed to conventional repairs. Car owners who aren’t familiar with PDR may get in over their heads when their vehicles get dented by hail. They start thinking of the downtime and inconvenience they’ll have to endure when the hail damage is getting fixed, as well as the repairs cost and the hassle of renting a vehicle for use while their car is in the shop. It’s far preferable to avoid such stressful situations by choosing PDR repairs, as opposed to conventional repairs art a busy auto body shop. When you use paintless dent repair techniques, you’re investing in a much more cost-effective solution to your dents from hail.

PDR Offers an Easy Time with Insurance

Auto insurance adjusters recommend PDR for auto hail damage. Since PDR is a fast process, they usually don’t have to send a courtesy car. In addition, the claim process is also relatively quick. All you have to do is document the extent of the hail damages by taking clear pictures of the dents and dings, and then send them to your insurance company. Once you get a claim number, your PDR technician can proceed with the vehicle hail damage repairs to return your car to its original condition and value.

PDR Preserves Your Car’s Factory Finish

This is perhaps the main reason that most vehicle owners are drawn to PDR. The admiration and preference of PDR cuts across the auto industry, from high-end sports cars to more affordable car brands. Nobody wants to repaint or replace any of the body panels of their cars, as that decreases the market value of the car by a significant margin. Whether the hail-damaged vehicles are new or pre-owned, they are all prime candidates for PDR repairs that maintain vehicle value.

Don’t panic when your car sustains dents from hail – cost-effective PDR techniques will repair the hail damage in record time. To determine if your vehicle’s hail damage is a candidate for PDR, text us photos of your hail damage for a free evaluation or stop by for a free drive-through estimate. To get the best auto hail damage repair in Rapid City or Northern Virginia, contact our team at Dent Shop today.

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