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Why Our Customers Appreciate PDR at Dent Shop

Why Our Customers Appreciate PDR at Dent Shop

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the best repair option if you have dents around your car, truck, or SUV, that do not involve the exterior paint. That seems simple enough. Doesn’t it?

Well, the best part is that PDR, properly applied by a skilled technician, is light years faster and more effective than fixing dents in the old days. Today, you can do it without having to replace parts or the entire auto body. This lets you bypass the need to visit an expensive automotive repair center, and resolve cosmetic car problems much faster.

It Handles Several Problems

By using tools on the other side of the vehicle’s metal framing, PDR is a great way to fix small, medium, and large dents. You’d be surprised how much we can handle without slopping around a bunch of bondo, filler, or other repair substances. Even if you parked your car outside during a hailstorm, we can iron out all those dozens of hail-sized dents in the hood or roof.

You Don’t Have to Bother with New Paint

Obviously, the point of calling it paintless dent repair involves the advantage of not having to repaint your car. This is a tremendous benefit, too, since fresh paint would cost you well into the four figures to purchase. As long as your damages don’t involve chipped, cracked, scratched, or peeled paint, there’s a decent chance we can apply PDR as a more cost-effective solution.

It Works on Any Make or Model

We sometimes field questions over whether you could use PDR to resolve dents on specialty vehicles, including motorcycles. The answer is YES, and it’s a terrific way to retain the value of those expensive rides. You can also do this with either owned or leased vehicles without voiding warranties, leases, or other contracts.

Resolve Dents Within the Same Day

While there’s no absolute guarantee on anything, most of our PDR projects take less than a day to complete. You have to admit, that’s a night-and-day difference compared to working with that crowded automotive maintenance shop that takes at least three hours just to rotate tires. PDR is the only thing we do, we’re the pros at it, and won’t keep you waiting forever.

Are you still unsure whether PDR would fix the damages to your vehicle’s exterior?

That’s no problem. Our teams (at any of our three locations) are more than happy to help you with a quick inspection. If it’s something we can’t fix with PDR, we’ll let you know, rather than give false expectations.

Dent Shop offers fast and effective PDR solutions for clients in either Ashburn, Virginia, Redlands, California, or Rapid City, South Dakota. Whether you have one or several superficial dents or dings ruining your car’s aesthetic, we’re here to address that for you.

Contact us anytime for a free estimate or to learn more about PDR.

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