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Why Getting Dent Repair Done Is More Important Than You’d Think

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According to recent studies looking at annual vehicle repair expenses, nearly $60 billion worth of vehicle maintenance is ignored and put off every year in the United States. Many of these kinds of repairs are minor and fairly easy to fix such as dents and minor surface damages. While there’s often more than one way to fix an issue, when your vehicle has dents or dings, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a quick, easy and affordable solution. Here are some often overlooked reasons to get these sorts of dents repaired sooner rather than later.

Preserves the Aesthetics of Your Vehicle

Even minor dents can be unsightly on a vehicle. They deter from the elegance and beauty of the vehicle and are often what the eyes are first drawn to. Paintless dent repair makes it easy to restore your vehicle to a like-new appearance and remove these unsightly dents with relative peace of mind so that you can be proud of your vehicle once again.

Keeps the Value of Your Vehicle Intact

Along with preserving the outward looks of your vehicle, dent repair can also ensure your vehicle’s value is protected. Even small surface dents and damages can reduce the vehicle’s overall worth. This is especially true when the damage is spread across a wide surface area, as with vehicle hail damage. Paintless dent repair offers high-quality, value-restoring dent removal, whereas traditional methods offer cosmetic fixes (by filling in and painting over the damage). Dealing with dents can ensure you get the most for your vehicle when the time comes to upgrade.

Helps Keep Insurance Costs Low

You may be wondering how getting paintless dent repair can impact your insurance premiums and deductibles, even indirectly. Consider how the insurance industry works, where people pay for a policy that mitigates their risk in the event something bad happens. This model works because damage is uncommon, but when a car accident or weather event does happen, people can have some or all of the cost covered. Because paintless dent repair is fast, cost-effective and restores the worth of a vehicle to pre-damaged condition, insurance companies highly prefer this form of repair. Rather than pay for an expensive traditional repair that lowers vehicle value and will require a loaner car in the meantime, insurance companies are happy to opt for paintless dent repair whenever possible. PDR is the optimal dent repair method for insurance companies and vehicle owners alike. If insurance companies continue to pay out large sums for expensive repairs, policy costs go up. Choosing faster, less expensive repairs like PDR can indirectly keep insurance costs lower.

Instills a Sense of Pride Regarding Vehicle Care

The final benefit that can come from getting paintless dent repair service is it shows you care about your vehicle. Instead of having the damage repainted over (which can fade or bubble over time), PDR is a superior alternative because it truly removes the dents without harming the factory finish paint job. Having a nice, attractive-looking vehicle can be a source of pride and accomplishment for many people today.

Dent repair and other types of auto repair/maintenance are often put off because people worry about how complex the fix may be or how much it may cost. PDR offers a repair that is affordable as it is quick and easy. Take the time today to find your local auto repair shop and ask them about their paintless dent repair services.

If you have any questions about paintless dent repair or if you’d like to get a free estimate scheduled, reach out to Dent Shop today. Our PDR and hail damage repair technicians are here to help.

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