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What Size Car Dents Can Be Repaired with PDR?

small dent repair

In 2017, three types of vehicle repair ranked at the top: 1.) having an oil change along with oil filter replacement, 2.) getting air filters changed and 3.) replacing windshield wiper blades. Another vehicle repair that drivers have needed more over the years is small dent repair. Continue reading to learn more about paintless dent repair solutions that can transform your vehicle to a like-new condition before the damage happened.

The Size of Dents That Can Be Repaired Using PDR

From tiny door dings to extremely large and noticeable dents, paintless dent repair is great option to fix dents of all sizes, including:
• Door Dents and Dings – Sized 2 Inches or Less
• Small Dents – 3 to 5 Inches in Diameter
• Medium Dents – 5+ to 10 Inches Long
• Large Dents – Approximately 10 Inches or Larger

There is a 98% chance your dents can be repaired using PDR techniques. It is important to keep in mind that dent removal is not a DIY project. It takes extensive training to provide small dent repair, especially since no two dents are the same.

Factors for Large and Small Dent Repair

There are a few aspects to consider when it comes to dents that can be fixed using paintless dent repair or PDR. The first is the position of the dent. The second is the severity of the dent.

Other contributing factors will help determine whether PDR for small dent repair is the best dent removal process for your vehicle. The experts will inspect your car, truck or motorcycle, keeping the considerations mentioned above in mind as well as many others. Some other considerations include the size of the dent, whether or not it has a crease and the area where the dent is located. All of those factors make a big difference.

How PDR for Small Dent Repair Works

PDR technicians will analyze the damage and determine the characteristics of the dent. Then the appropriate interior or exterior panels will be carefully removed to access the dent from the front and the backside. Once the dent has been exposed, PDR technicians use specialized equipment and tools to carefully press out the backside of it. Slowly tapping and massaging, they bend the metal back into its original place. It’s important to understand that top PDR services add value and won’t negatively affect how much your vehicle is worth. This modern repair process saves you both time and money.

Contact PDR Experts Today

When your vehicle sustains dents and dings, make an appointment with PDR experts to discuss their services. After a complete inspection, highly skilled dent removal experts will decide the optimal repair method for your car. At Dent Shop, you’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction with our large and small dent repair services. Contact us today for a free assessment.

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