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What Kind of Car Scratches Can PDR Fix?


Even the best drivers may end up dealing with repair costs for minor problems such as scratches and scrapes. Perhaps someone scratched your car door getting out of their vehicle or a truck got just a little too close and scraped the paint on your bumper. No matter how the damage happened, you must get it fixed and in the best way possible. That’s when paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, can come in handy.

PDR Is Ideal for Minor Scratches

Paintless dent repair is the ideal way to repair the body of a vehicle while keeping the vehicle’s value at the highest level. It’s an efficient and effective repair method, simple as that. Something as simple as a minor scratch can mar the aesthetics of your car and lower its value. PDR can fix minor scratches as long as the metal beneath the paint has not been exposed. Unfortunately, if the paint has been chipped away entirely in one spot or you can see any exposed metal, it’s not a good candidate for paintless dent repair.

Some Paint Scratches Need More Than PDR

When it comes to deep paint scratches that extend into your auto’s primer layer or even the bare metal, then PDR cannot fix the damage. Dings and scratches that are so deep the paint has cracked require different repair methods. Where a scratch is located also plays a factor, since some scratches include some type of denting, as well. The issue is that exposed metal will rust, and the damage will continue to spread even underneath the paint over time. PDR does not work for severely paint damaged vehicles.

Paint Affects the PDR Process

Paint has a lot to do with how well a scratch or dent can be removed from an aluminum or metal body panel. Even the modern, high-quality paint on your vehicle has an elastic limit for how much it stretches before it cracks. There are some auto paints that are more flexible than others, and the auto industry continues to improve the paint materials. That’s why the factory finish paint job is warrantied to last a certain number of years, which, when intact, contributes to the car’s value. If the paint has been scratched down to the metal, the PDR process isn’t a suitable method to repair your vehicle. Chances are, you will need that part of your auto repainted.

Whether you need to fix minor scratches and dents on your car door or in another location, PDR techs are ready to assess your vehicle and let you know how they can help. Let them evaluate even the smallest crack or scratch. You could easily have your car repaired with paintless dent repair. Overall, it’s a quick and affordable repair method ideal for repairing dents and minor scratches when there is no significant damage to the factory paint.

Reach out to our team today if you have any questions about high-quality dent repairs, PDR or our minor scratch repair capabilities. If you have a car, truck or motorcycle with dents or minor scratches, stop by Dent Shop for a free estimate. Feel free to make an appointment or drop by at your convenience.

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