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Three Benefits Of Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a method that gets used to push bent vehicle metal panels back to their pre-dented shape. Due to the durability of automotive paint, in many cases vehicles get dents and dinged but their paint remains intact. By using paintless dent repair to fix bent metal, this method preserves the paint, which eliminates the need for repainting. Any repainting lowers a vehicle’s resale value.

A PDR technician uses unique tools and starts at the outer edge of the dent to slowly massage it back into its proper position. The damage gets smaller until it disappears. This methodical process can take as long as two hours when done correctly, depending on the size and location of the dent. There are some important benefits to paintless dent repair for you to consider.

PDR Maintains Car Value

Dents and dings impact how much your car is worth. Any repainting will also lower your car’s worth, since the new paint may fade, bubble or warp over time, or may not match the existing color. When you choose paintless dent repair, you will improve the car’s look by removing those dents while also restoring the vehicle value since it doesn’t need to be painted over. When you want to sell the car, a potential buyer is going to look for anything wrong with the vehicle that will need repairs. If there are any dents, the buyer will likely move on or ask for a lower price. At times, buyers may assume that the interior is also neglected if the outside of your car has dents.

PDR Saves Time and Money

It is common for people to avoid having repairs like dents fixed on their vehicles because of the time involved. Traditional repairs used to be the only option to fix dents, and it’s a long, expensive process with many steps. Many people didn’t want to pay for a loaner vehicle on top of repairs. That’s another reason paintless dent repair is such a popular option nowadays – it’s a quick and easy process that does not inconvenience the car owner.

Paintless dent repair also saves money. So often in the past, car owners did not see the value in paying the high cost to have their car repaired, especially over a small dent. However, this is a modern technique that is available at significant savings, especially when compared to more traditional dent removal.

PDR is a Quality Dent Removal Technique

As a modern and beneficial repair method, PDR is quickly becoming the most popular way to fix vehicle dents without paint damage. This technique gets your car back to you quickly and affordably. However, it is essential to understand that paintless dent repair is not viable for every dent. Only dents where the paint is intact are suitable for PDR. Otherwise, cracks or chips in the paint will cause the exposed metal to rust over time, requiring replacement panels or traditional repairs. Luckily, in many cases, PDR can be used to fix dings and dents.

When you are interested in paintless dent repair for your vehicle, you want to ensure that you visit a professional with the appropriate knowledge and experience to repair your car correctly. At Dent Shop, we have over 650 five-star reviews nationwide for our high quality PDR and hail damage repair work. Contact us today for a free repair estimate.

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