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The Impact of Hail Damage On A Car

hail dent removal

Vehicle owners know that regular maintenance and repairs are part of keeping their vehicle running safely, but often don’t consider what they’d do in the event of unpredictable damage from mother nature.

Hailstorms can have a devastating impact on vehicles, causing car owners to face hefty repair bills that were never anticipated. Let’s examine the impact that hailstorms can have on cars and how quality hail dent removal from a paintless dent repair specialist can help.

Costly Repairs

Because hailstorms are unlikely to occur in Northern Virginia, vehicle owners rarely consider how or where they would seek hail dent removal if the need arose. When such damage does happen, drivers are surprised to discover hail damage can range from small, dimpled dents across the top surface to large impacts that have severely dented the metal exterior. Hail damage can be expensive to fix, depending on the severity of the damage.

But failing to have your car repaired means additional damage, whether due to another hailstorm, collision, fallen branch, debris, or other major dents, could cause your insurance company to potentially deny your claim or consider your car prematurely totaled. In addition, the ideal repair option for hail damage is cost-effective, fast paintless dent removal (PDR). But any additional damage that scratches, cracks or chips your paint means PDR can no longer be a suitable repair option. Without the unbroken protection of your vehicle’s paint, moisture can accumulate in the cracks, and rust will quickly begin to form, decaying the metal.

Avoiding any of these scenarios requires prompt action and swift repairs. Thanks to skilled paintless dent repair specialists, you’ll have specially trained technicians who are capable of performing this sort of vehicle repair for a great price. They work to massage out each dimple and dent until the metal exterior is back to its original shape. That’s why it’s vital that you receive a professional assessment and estimate so you can determine the viability of PDR for your hail damage repairs. Paintless dent repair experts can outline all costs for you so that you’ll know upfront and can properly submit your vehicle hail damage claim (if you haven’t already).

Reduction in Your Vehicle Value

Did you know that hail damage can cause rapid depreciation of your vehicle if you decide to leave your hail damage untreated? That’s because traditional hail repairs are (using conventional methods) are quite expensive and time-consuming and involve scraping off the factory finish paint to apply filler into the dent and new layers of paint. Your factory finish paint is guaranteed via a warranty to protect your vehicle from the hazards of rust and other issues by lasting for years. Removing that paint invalidates the warranty, not to mention risks exposing your car to moisture and rust forming anyways, nor is the new paint guaranteed to last as it should. Vehicles that were once in pristine condition will now be worth significantly less thanks to the hail damage they have. In order to restore your vehicle to great condition, paintless dent removal must be performed.

PDR experts stand ready for the hail damage repair job. With their skill set, dedication, and know-how, you’ll receive a quality vehicle hail repair that you can be proud of. Instead of attempting DIY repairs, which can make the dents worse or damage the factory finish paint, trust your hail dent repair to the team at your local dent removal shop.

Days Without Your Vehicle

Another aspect to think about when contemplating hail dent removal is the time that you will be without your car, often your primary mode of transportation. Conventional hail damage repairs can take weeks – since this labor-intensive method involved prepping each surface before applying Bondo, and requires a waiting period after applying each layer of paint. This extensive step-by-step process may fix your vehicle’s appearance, but the dents themselves and reduction in vehicle value remain.

Paintless dent repairs for hail dent removal, on the other hand, quickly restore your vehicle’s worth and appearance. Once your insurance company approves your claim, you should only be without your vehicle for a few days, thus potentially eliminating your loaner car requirement. Instead, you may only need a ride from a family member, friend or ride-hailing app while the PDR repairs take place. Hail dent removal professionals understand this all too well. That’s why they offer quality and efficient paintless dent repair that returns your vehicle to you as soon as possible.

Why Should I Think About Paintless Dent Removal for My Vehicle’s Hail Damage?

Paintless dent removal or PDR is a cost-effective, fast and minimally invasive method for the removal of hail damage. PDR also requires a lot less labor and equipment than conventional methods. PDR further protects your vehicle’s exterior finish while helping your vehicle maintain its value.

For that hailstorm that left all of that damage to the roof, trunk, doors, and hood of your vehicle, contact your local PDR specialists and hail dent removal professionals. You’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your car’s hail damage while ensuring that PDR is the most suitable repair method. Contact Dent Shop today to discover how we can restore your vehicle.

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