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The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair over Traditional Body Shop Work

There are a few things that are certain in life. The first two are death and taxes, and the third one is the unpredictable nature at which life enjoys throwing us unpredictable hardships and dilemmas from time to time. Among these are the various dings and dents that compromise the aesthetic of the vehicles we drive. Getting these inconveniences conveniently taken care of is essential, and in the past, there was only one way to do so, and that was a traditional auto body shop.

The Inconvenience of the Old Ways

In the past, having a dent or any other body damage repaired on your vehicle meant taking your vehicle to an autobody repair shop. The process which was normally utilized was sometimes a lengthy one. First, depending on the workload of the shop, you might be without your vehicle for several days while it was being attended to. The process of repairing the dent also meant stripping the paint and smoothing out the surface of your vehicle’s exterior. When the process was finished, primer was attached to the affected area and painted over with a color that may or may not match the original paint job. This created a tell-tale sign that your vehicle had sustained damage and could affect resale value.

The Better Way of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

Luckily for the average consumer, times have changed for the better. And this better change is what’s known as PDR. Not only is this a much quicker process than the traditional body shop has to offer, but one that’s non-invasive and more cost-effective. The process of PDR involves removing the exterior panels of the vehicle, and instead of compromising the paint, the dent is dealt with from behind. This process is much quicker than the normal work of a traditional body shop and is much less in cost. Perhaps one of the best advantages that this process has to offer is that it’s also more environmentally friendly as well. Because of the lack of primer, paint, and other chemicals, PDR is much less harmful to the environment than some of the other options on the marketplace.

A Better Way at Dent Shop of Ashburn

Paintless dent repair is a better way to repair the eyesores and abrasions of your vehicle while leaving the pain intact and the environment a much safer place. If you’re looking for a better dent removal process, the experts at Dent Shop of Ashburn can help. For more information on us and what we have to offer, stop by and see us at
44190 Waxpool Road, Unit 107 or give us a call at 571-293-2129.

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