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The 5 W’s of Hail Damage Repair

hail damage repair

Extreme weather changes all across the world have led to an increase in the number and magnitude of storms. More severe weather frequently includes elements such as hail, which is a large culprit of the dings and dents that impact vehicles. In fact, the National Weather Service reports that it only takes hail the size of a golf ball (1.75 inches) to cause damage to a vehicle.

It’s almost inevitable that a vehicle will suffer some kind of dent damage from weather-related events, especially if hailstorms are common in your region. Read on to find out more about what hail damage is, how it can affect your vehicle, and where you might go to obtain a hail damage repair.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

The damage typically results in circular or conical-shaped dents that are visible on the body of a vehicle. The top of your vehicle will receive the most and deepest damage, but hail can also bounce off the pavement or other objects to ding the front, back and sides of your vehicle as well. In most cases of minor hailstorms, the impact of small hailstones will dent the exterior, but the paint will bend with it. But with more severe hailstorms and wind, hail stones can also damage the paintwork.

How Does Hail Damage Impact a Vehicle?

Hail damage affects the monetary value of a vehicle by quite a bit. A car’s value will depreciate the more damage there is, but hail damage is especially devaluing. This is due to the amount of damage spread over a large area, typically requiring expensive traditional methods of repair. Not only that, but the dents are telling of a vehicle that has been through significant weather events, which prospective buyers are hesitant to buy.

When Should Hail Damage Repair Be Sought?

As soon as hail damage occurs, vehicle owners should go get an estimate for hail damage repairs. When paint damage is present in the dents, unfortunately, the vehicle will need time-consuming costly traditional repairs or replacement panels to avoid rust forming and spreading in the paint cracks. But if the paint in intact, opt for paintless dent repairs, a modern method to fix dents without repainting or replacing exterior panels.

Where Should Someone Go for Hail Damage Repair Services?

A person who is interested in fixing these dents should first obtain an estimate for paintless dent repairs for hail damage. Paintless dent repair is the premier, insurance-preferred method for fixing dents and hail damage since the fast, cost-effective process removes the dents without harming the factory finish paint. It also restores the car to its pre-damaged value.

Who Can Do Hail Damage Repair?

Businesses with certified paintless dent repair and hail damage repair technicians are able to employ PDR techniques with training, skill and experience. Their website will usually list credentials or the methods used to repair vehicle damage such as dents from hail. If not, call and confirm the company can complete paintless dent repairs before seeking an estimate there.

Why Does Hail Damage Repair Matter?

Fixing the dents from hail properly is important because not only does it address the physical appearance of a vehicle, but choosing the right type of repairs can also impact its monetary value. For car owners who plan to sell or trade-in their vehicle, hail damage is a serious issue in regard to how their vehicle’s value will be calculated.

If your vehicle has been damaged by hail, make sure that you contact your local PDR specialists for repairs. If you’re in one of the service areas of the Dent Shop locations, we encourage you to reach out to our expert teams for a free estimate.

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