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Say Goodbye to Dents with Paintless Dent Repair

Say Goodbye to Dents with Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is your best option for resolving many small, medium, and large dents around the exterior of your car. Not a lot of folks know this, either, but we’re here to shine some light on this affordable and efficient alternative to full auto body replacement. After all, it’d be a shame to waste a perfectly usable auto body framework when there are simple mechanical solutions, which don’t involve getting fresh paint or applying fillers.

Check out these proof-positive reasons to consider PDR the next time your vehicle sustains a few dents or dings.

Why PDR is Your Best Option

Opportunity to Keep Resale Value

Have you ever tried to sell a car or truck with a bunch of aesthetic damages? It’s much harder, and you usually have to compromise on the asking price. Our PDR techniques, however, can remove dents so well that folks will never know they occurred. This offers you an opportunity to sell at a much better price without having to explain tons of damages. Plus, you don’t have to report PDR repairs to Carfax.

More Affordable Than Alternatives

You can ask almost anyone, and they’ll tell you that PDR (when appropriate) is way cheaper than taking your car to an automotive repair center. How much more affordable is it? Some PDR specialists estimate you can save about 80% by using PDR compared to the typical body shop. So, assuming you get it done by a reliable professional (like Dent Shop), and ensure superior workmanship, then it’s tremendously cost-effective.

Our Service is Prompt

Most PDR work is done within the same day you bring it to us. We can finish a lot of the smaller issues within less than an hour (depending on customer volume). Compare that with how long you have to wait for anything at a repair center.

Fewer Errors

Since this is minimally invasive, there’s far less chance of worsening the damages, along with whatever’s around the damage location. The older dent repair methods involved much more cutting and removal, something that would increase the likelihood of rusting or corrosion down the road.

A Reliable Solution After a Massive Hail Storm

It’s also possible to take out dozens of hail damages from the top of your car if you find yourself in that predicament. Many insurance companies cover PDR for this and other purposes. Therefore, it’s even more affordable and a no-brainer alternative to dealing with pricey dealerships and auto repair shops.

Also, if you aren’t sure whether PDR would apply to your specific damages, then feel free to ask us about it. We charge nothing for a quick inspection or second opinion. Some folks even send us text message photos to find out whether PDR could address their problems.

Dent Shop serves drivers in three locations: Redlands, California, Rapid City, South Dakota, and Ashburn, Virginia. There you can find our teams ready to assist you with plenty of PDR experience. If you’d like to know more, then please contact us anytime at 571-293-2129.

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