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Natural Causes of Car Damages and Dents

Natural Causes of Car Damages and Dents

It would be nice if there weren’t so many ominous hazards waiting to inflict dents and damages to your car. Everything from dangerous drivers on the road to dangling tree limbs could lead to an unsightly vehicle.

Fortunately, however, you don’t have to spend a fortune when something unexpected occurs. The Dent Shop, which operates in three different locations, can handle even the large dents you’d receive from a fender bender. In this post, we’ll check out some of the common natural causes of vehicle dents, and offer our services to solve them.

Road Debris

This is a big one because you can run into just about anything on American highways. Whether it’s deer (live or roadkill), mangled rubber from old truck tires, fallen branches, or random things tossed from other car windows, you never know what might dent your car. You even have to monitor those trucks hauling loose grain granules, which could escape the back of their truck and ruin your windshield or car hood.

Nature’s Fury (Hail)

Hailstorms are no joke at all. You neither want to go outside when they happen, nor should you leave your car uncovered. Call us for help if you ever forget and suffer hail damage to the roof or hood of your car. This is something we address all the time for our clients.


Children are an important part of nature as well, although they rarely mean to damage a car on purpose. Mistakes occur, however, and line drives get hit into car doors when they play baseball nearby. There’s always the risk of this happening unless you always park your vehicle in a garage.


Here we’d have to consider the trees themselves, fallen branches, and other less conspicuous hazards like pine needles and acorns. So, there are a lot of ways trees can serve you an expensive repair bill. That’s why we recommend not parking too close to them, but if you suffer damages, come to the Dent Shop rather than an expensive auto body shop.

That covers four of the most common offenders; all of them very difficult to avoid. There are some other honorable mentions (like birds, squirrels, and dogs), and it just goes to show how many things can do a number on your vehicle’s exterior framework.

We can help you handle all those damages, and more, at the Dent Shop. Find out how you can set up an appointment to fix superficial vehicle damage, without getting a new paint job, by calling us at 571-293-2129.

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