How to Save Money on Your Hail Damage With Paintless Dent Repair

hail damage repairs

Vehicle hail damage repairs can be expensive if you don’t find the right professionals for the job. In the past, people took their hail-damaged vehicles to autobody shops, but knew their vehicle would never fully regain its value or pristine appearance. Conventional repairs are costly, time-consuming and involve filling in and repainting over the hail damage. 

But you can avoid all that hassle with the perfect dent repair solution that can restore vehicle value, is more cost-effective and doesn’t take as long to complete: paintless dent repair (PDR). Solve your vehicle hail damage woes with the best autobody alternative: PDR. Let’s find out more!

Contact Your Auto Insurance Provider

When it comes to any kind of vehicle damage, you want to call your auto insurance company and work with them to get it solved. Some people don’t believe their insurance covers hail damage repairs, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Meanwhile, others think that a little cosmetic damage is not worth the trouble of getting it fixed and going through tedious red tape for it. However, it’s important to recognize how much existing hail damage lowers the resale value of your vehicle. 

If you were to get into a car accident, your insurance company will evaluate the cost of fixing damage from both the collision and the hail storm. If the total cost of repairs is greater than the already lowered value of your vehicle, your insurance company could prematurely total your vehicle.

PDR is often the best option for hail damage repairs, and more insurance companies are preferring this faster, more cost-effective method to fix their clients’ vehicles.

Saving Money With PDR

If you don’t have comprehensive auto insurance for your vehicle, or if it doesn’t cover hail damage repair, you still want to consider paintless dent repair because it’s simply the best option out there for restoring vehicle value. Traditionally, repairing a dent meant that you would have to apply filler then repaint over the dent, bringing the vehicle’s value down because the new paint layer will never be as good as the original paint done at the factory. Such traditional repairs are also expensive, requiring many steps and more time to complete. When you consider the multiple dents that often require fixing from hail damage, the bill for traditional autobody repairs begins to rack up.

That’s why PDR is the best option since you don’t have to add a new coat of paint, and your car will remain as valuable. Moreover, it’s significantly faster and much less expensive.

Get Started with Hail Damage Paintless Dent Repairs 

Now that you know how you can save money with PDR for hail damage, you can make a decision and fix your vehicle! Our team at Dent Shop offers top-notch repairs, premier customer service and a smooth, easy process. Reach out to us today to get started with your free hail damage repair estimate.

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