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How To Prepare For a Hailstorm

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When the average consumer spends around $400 every year on car maintenance alone, the thought of having to deal with hail damage repair expenses certainly isn’t a fun one. If your area experiences frequent hailstorms and you’re worried about the dent removal cost for hail damage, here are a few tips to help you prepare and protect your vehicle.

Know When a Hailstorm Is Coming

The first step in preparing for a hailstorm is being aware that it’s going to occur at some point or another. Once you know that a hailstorm is headed your way, make sure you’re staying alert and checking the skies every now and again. It’s important for you to keep an eye on the forecast throughout the day; it may help to check an app or website that shows a weather radar map. If you live in an area where hail storms are common, you must always know the signs of an incoming storm. Typical signs of an imminent storm include dark clouds, strong winds, heavy rainfall, distant thunder and lightning. Hail can form in thunderstorms with a high moisture content when there are strong updrafts and part of the cloud layer is enveloped in freezing temperatures.

Protect Your Vehicle

Once you know a hail storm is headed your way (or the conditions are ripe for a hail storm), you will want to make sure your property is safe. The cost of repairing damaged property after a hailstorm can be crippling. Your vehicle should be your first priority, since it is vulnerable during hail storms and can be protected easily with preparation. Make sure you move your car to your home’s garage or a covered parking garage at work if possible. You can end up with shattered glass, dents, paint damage and broken mirrors, among other forms of damage. If you don’t have a garage or a covered carport, don’t leave your vehicle out unprotected. Use thick blankets or comforters to give your car at least a little bit of protection against incoming hailstones.

Have a Plan for Dealing with Vehicle Hail Damage

Even the best-laid plans can go to waste during a hailstorm. If your car’s protection wasn’t adequate or a hailstorm caught you by surprise, it’s important to have a plan for dent repairs. One of the best options for repairing dents from hail is paintless dent removal. This type of repair is used to fix dents without paint damage, since by pushing out the dent cavity while maintaining the paint, your vehicle stays protected without risking rust or loss of value. Not only is this an efficient method of dent repair that fixes the appearance and value reduction of your car, but the paintless dent removal cost is also pretty reasonable and the workmanship has a lifetime warranty. With this dent repair method, there’s no need to pay for expensive replacement parts or new paint jobs over bondo and filler placed in the dent cavity. With paintless dent repair, the dents are truly fixed, simply because the process involves slowly massaging the metal exterior back into its original shape and position.

Hail storm preparation is primarily about safety. The more you prepare, the less you will have to deal with the damage, dent removal cost and repairs later. If the weather catches you by surprise, reach out to Dent Shop with photos of your damage or drop by for a free estimate. We offer premier hail damage repairs, PDR services, stellar customer service and hail damage claims assistance – contact us today!

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