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How to Deal with Vehicle Hail Damage

vehicle hail repair

Contrary to common belief, having vehicle hail damage repaired doesn’t have to be a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process. In addition, existing hail damage on your vehicle can reduce its resale value by thousands of dollars. Knowing your next steps after hail damage occurs can simplify the process – here’s a quick guide on what you need to know to handle these situations.

Vehicle Hail Damage Reduces Vehicle Value

Any damage to your vehicle can lower its resale value. Unfortunately, since hail damage impacts a larger surface area of your vehicle, the extent of this type of damage and the high costs to fix it make it a severe issue that drastically reduces vehicle value. Failing to take care of hail damage quickly means that you’re driving around with a reduced vehicle value. Should you get into a car accident, get dinged in the parking lot or experience another form of vehicle damage, this existing reduction in value in addition to the new cost of repairs could cause your insurance company to prematurely total your vehicle. Rather than allowing the cost of repairs to accumulate and exceed your vehicle value, it’s important to have the hail damage repaired swiftly and properly.

Vehicle Hail Repair Uses Modern Techniques

Thankfully, there are modern vehicle hail damage repair techniques that can efficiently restore both the appearance and value of your vehicle. For example, paintless dent repair (PDR) is an effective repair option that can get rid of even the nastiest hail dents so long as there’s not paint damage. Finding a shop that offers this kind of repair technique can help to eliminate most of your problems. However, finding the right shop is key since paintless dent repair requires lots of in-depth training and certifications, and it should not be attempted by someone who does not know what they are doing. You should also avoid taking your vehicle to auto body collision shops for hail repairs, since the traditional repair method does not fully restore vehicle value and appearance. Conventional repairs are invasive and inferior to PDR methods because they require cosmetically filling in dents and invalidate the valuable factory finish paint warranty. Opt for repairs from a company that regularly provides paintless dent repair for hail damage.

Select a Trusted Vehicle Hail Repair Shop

That’s why it’s important to find the right repair shop. The best shop will offer PDR repairs completed by certified, skilled technicians to ensure your hail damage is visibly eliminated and your vehicle is restored to its pre-damaged condition. It may help to review some before and after images, read customer reviews and set up a clear budget before you choose a vehicle hail repair shop to work on your car. Your vehicle is not only your mode of transportation, it’s an important asset that you’ve invested in and need to last. The hail damage repair company you select will recognize that and will work quickly to return your vehicle to you with its value intact.

At Dent Shop, we’re here to help you with your vehicle hail repair needs – from estimates to repairs to assisting you with your hail damage insurance claim. We’re committed to quickly and cost-effectively eliminating your vehicle hail dents with the latest hail dent repair techniques. For top-notch repairs and incredible customer service, contact Dent Shop today.

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