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How to Choose the Right Dent Repair Shop After Getting in a Minor Accident

After a minor auto accident, your vehicle may have some dent damage that needs to be addressed. Searching for a “specialist in paintless dent repair near me” will be the easiest way to get your car repaired quickly. Finding the right company can get your vehicle bck to like-new condition in record time. Here are three tips for choosing the right place to get your dented vehicle repaired.

1. Choose The Best Repair Shop for You, Not Your Auto Insurance Company

After drivers get into a minor collision, they often believe the myth that they must use a specific repair shop otherwise their insurance company won’t cover the cost of repairs. This is not the case. You can select any paintless dent repair specialist near you to perform the repairs. The insurance company can recommend different places to get repairs, but you don’t have to hire any specific shop. Therefore, be conscientious when determining which shop to hire for your dent repairs – take a look at their customer reviews and ratings, pay attention to how quickly they respond to your questions and look at their portfolio of before and after images.

2. Consider Dent Repair Experience

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the ideal technique for fixing vehicle dents without significant paint damage. PDR can easily remove dents from minor fender benders, other car accidents and parking lot damage. If there isn’t any serious underlying body or paint damage, PDR can remove most dents while keeping your factory finish intact. Therefore, you need to choose a dent repair shop that has plenty of experience in PDR techniques as opposed to traditional auto body repairs. Choose an established shop that stands behind their work (instead of hail storm damage chasers that go from town to town), and has successfully been in business in your area for several years.

3. Protect Your Vehicle’s Value & Your Wallet

When searching for “vehicle dent repair near me,” there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Paintless dent repair offers the best value for your dollar, hands down. PDR is typically less expensive than traditional repair and a much faster process. It can take days for vehicle repairs to be completed in a traditional auto body shop (and work backs up quickly), while PDR can be completed in a few hours. PDR allows you to get the most value for your time and money, but also for the worth of your vehicle. By protecting your factory finish paint and avoiding repainting, you can restore the value of your vehicle to pre-damaged condition. When the times comes to sell your vehicle, you can confidently put your car up for sale without worrying about a CARFAX report lowering its worth. PDR gives you more bang for your buck, in the short-term and long-term.

No matter how diligent of a driver you are, accidents happen. If you end up in a minor collision, don’t stress about what to do next. Simply use the tips above to select a reputable, trusted paintless dent repair shop near you to fix the damage and get you back on the road again in no time. For fast, high-quality repairs and top-notch customer service, contact Dent Shop today to get started with a free dent repair estimate.

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