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How Paintless Dent Repair Protects Vehicle Paint

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is the process of removing dents from your vehicle without needing a paint job. Vehicle owners fear the cost of repainting their vehicle after an accident or door ding because doing so lowers its value significantly. Cars without their factory finish paint job intact are worth less because a repaint job is not guaranteed to last as long as the original paint. In some cases, there may be color mismatch, or the repaint job can fade, bubble, oxidize or be more susceptible to scratches.

Repainting, which requires filling in the dent and then painting over it, ends up documented on your vehicle’s CarFax report. Potential future buyers will know your vehicle was in an accident or required traditional dent repairs, which lowers your vehicle’s worth by thousands of dollars.

PDR Protects Your Vehicle’s Value

Thankfully, PDR has the potential of saving you significant money. When your vehicle sustains dents or hail damage, your first option for repairs should be PDR. That’s because as the name suggests, paintless dent repair removes the dent from the vehicle outer panels without harming the factory finish or requiring repainting. PDR involves using specialized tools to push and massage out the damage until the dented panel is fully restored. This preserves both the valuable paint job and the value of your vehicle and means the damage and repair won’t get reported to CarFax. In addition, paintless dent repair is faster and more cost-effective than the conventional labor-intensive repainting methods anyways. Say goodbye to loaner cars, long wait times and high repair bills thanks to PDR.

Your vehicle’s paint is very important to preserve. IIt’s an important and valuable layer of protection over your outer panels. To help you keep your car looking great, here are some things that you can do.

Get the Dents Repaired Soon

A small dent is easy to fix, and the modern dent repair techniques available makes it so it can be fixed without harming the paint. PDR is the perfect way to get those dents out without repainting your car. You will save thousands of dollars by having them done professionally and without the need for added paint.

Keep Your Car Washed

A vehicle’s paint job isn’t just impacted by bad weather. Besides snow and ice, excessive heat and sunshine can all damage your vehicle’s paint. Even naturally acidic compounds, such as bugs or bird droppings, are not good for your paint in the long-term. By keeping your car washed regularly, you can keep the dirt and grime off the paint. Some things you will want to remove can include the salt used for icy roads and bugs that collect when you drive in the warmer months.

Wax Your Car Once It Is Clean

A fresh coat of wax is a great way to protect your car’s clear coat. The clear coat is the finish put on a car that gives it a shine. It helps to protect your car from harmful elements. A coat of wax adds an extra layer of protection to help protect your paint. For those who’ve never waxed their vehicle, you can apply wax by hand and buff it off with a clean cloth.

By following the car care procedures above, your paint job will last a long time. These essential steps can help preserve the valuable paint that protects the metal panels underneath. And when you find your vehicle sustains dings or dents, try PDR first. Have a certified PDR professional inspect your car and provide you with an estimate. For a local trusted PDR shop near you, contact our team at Dent Shop.

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