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How Does PDR Fix Car Hail Damage?

car hail damage

When a hailstorm hits and you end up with car hail damage, it’s never ideal. The good news is that hail damage is often repairable using a modern dent repair process called paintless dent repair or PDR. This brings up a few questions about how PDR works and why it’s a great solution to repair hail damage to your vehicle.

How Does PDR Fix Car Hail Damage?

PDR is a meticulous process that removes dents in the body panels of a car, returning them to their original shape. As the name suggests, the repairs are paintless. Your vehicle won’t need new paint to look like it came directly from the factory. This is extremely important when it comes to maintaining your vehicle value, since factory finish paint is under warranty to last a designated period of time.

Paintless dent repair is a technical push and massage technique performed by skilled technicians. Reusable, industry-grade tools make the magic happen. The PDR work itself occurs on the underside of a vehicle’s metal via access points for each panel.

How Does PDR Restore Dented Vehicles to Their Original Shape?

In summary, PDR is the process of skillfully and slowly bending the dented metal panels back to their original shape without using filler or repainting needed. There are various sized finer and blunter tipped tools that technicians choose and use to apply force to different sections of the dent(s). In the hands of skilled technicians, those tools return a dented vehicle to its original shape. The technicians target specific locations of dents using LED lighting. Properly illuminating damaged areas gives a better visualization of dents for repairs. The result is a dent-free car that looks like it’s in brand-new condition.

What Are the Advantages of Using PDR for Car Hail Damage?

PDR is very cost-effective in comparison to other dent removal methods. Unlike other traditional dent repair services, PDR is also a faster repair process. There’s no need for multi-step preparation or to repaint your vehicle (causing it to lose value) either. That means there won’t be any discoloration trying to match a dent repair location to the rest of the auto body, nor any paint fading, bubbling or being more susceptible to scratches. You can rest assured your vehicle will be dent-free using PDR services from a top PDR company.

With hail damage in particular, PDR is especially effective because technicians can precisely target those shallow dents in a faster, more cost-effective way that eliminates the damage instead of covering it up. This means you won’t need to worry about getting new outer panels or the reduction of vehicle worth that comes from leaving the damage unrepaired.

Is PDR Covered by Insurance?

Yes, it is. Insurance rates these days can be quite expensive, which is why many vehicle owners want to know if PDR is covered by insurance. Per data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Louisiana ($1,231.77), New York ($1,234.84), and New Jersey ($1,265.69) are the states with the most expensive auto insurance.

Luckily, PDR is not only an accepted method of repair covered under insurance, but it’s also most often the preferred repair option. Quite simply, insurance companies wish to provide lower settlements. So if the cost of repair is cheaper and faster, eliminating the need to cover a loaner car, that’s their preferred option. It just so happens that PDR for hail damage is also the superior repair method that fixes vehicle value and appearance.

PDR is a great method of dent repair for regular dents and car hail damage. Contact a qualified PDR company to have the hail damage inspected on your vehicle. They will give you their best advice and a hail damage repair estimate. Your car is in safe hands with the qualified PDR technicians at Dent Shop – contact us today for a free estimate.

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