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How Do I Prevent Dents When My Car is Parked?

How Do I Prevent Dents When My Car is Parked?

Few things are more aggravating than sustaining damage to your expensive vehicle . . . when it’s not even moving!

Yes, we’re talking about those frustrating dents and damages that happen while you’re parked. This could be anything from bird droppings to someone reversing into your car without checking behind them. Whatever the cause, we have some tips for how to avoid some of the obvious dent culprits.

Avoid Parking in Tight Spaces Wherever Possible

This is probably the most crucial advice because we see the results of parking lot mishaps often at the Dent Shop. It’s usually not worth it to cram your vehicle into the tiny parking spot next to somebody who double-parked. If given the choice between that and walking an extra block, we’d go with the latter. While some folks might hit your car with their door, and leave you a note with insurance info, many others will leave you high and dry.

Bird Droppings? Clean Them Quickly!

This one’s much harder to avoid in certain areas. Those bird droppings are highly acidic and corrosive to your car’s paint, glass, and other materials. You should clean it off your car as soon as you see it. Alas, birds and squirrels are known for other types of chicanery such as pecking at glass, chewing on stuff, and even nesting inside your engine. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to park inside a garage if you have one.

Trees are a Big Problem

What else is corrosive? Tree sap, especially from pine trees, can chew up your paint as well. Then there’s the potential for massive damage if a tree drops a branch on top of your car. For those reasons and more, we don’t advise leaving a vehicle under trees if you can help it.

Watch for Shopping Carts at the Grocery Store

Then there’s grocery store parking lots with those cart storage lanes, sometimes called “cart corrals.” They’re a fine concept until other grocery store patrons horse around and “shoot” their carts into the corrals rather than push them properly. If they miss their target, and you’re parked next to it, that cart is going to clobber your vehicle and leave a large dent. Therefore, we recommend parking elsewhere. Again, it’s better to walk farther distance than receive needless car damage.

If all else fails, and you still suffer serious damage after a hail storm or another unpredictable event, then we can help. Dent Shop can transform dents of any size without having to repaint your car or truck. We do this for clients in multiple locations, including remote services, where we can even do paintless dent repair at your home.

You can learn more about our prompt and effective ways to fix car dents by contacting us for a free estimate anytime.

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