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How Do I Fix Hail Damage and Dents on My Car?

How Do I Fix Hail Damage and Dents on My Car?

Perhaps you’ve read some of our previous posts and wondered “how exactly do they fix these small dents all over my car?”

That’s a legitimate question, and we’d like to further explain how we fix hail damage and small dents. Even when there is a bunch of minor damages on your hood, roof, bumper, or side panel, our paintless dent repair (PRD) methods can work wonders in restoring them.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

As the name suggests, PDR involves repairing cosmetic damages to your vehicle’s exterior without altering the paint condition. Many car owners spend a fortune on fresh paint when they don’t need to do so.

We perform PDR by using industry-grade equipment (not DIY kits) to manipulate the vehicle’s metal from the inside of the panel. It’s akin to “massaging” out the exterior dents from the interior. So, PDR is a simple concept, but if you aren’t experienced at it (or lack proper equipment), you could inadvertently create more damage.

How Does This Address that Dreaded Hail Damage?

Hail damage is a major problem whenever we get unusual storm systems that produce golf-ball-sized projectiles. If you ever forget to park your car in a sheltered location, hail can ruin the hood or roof of your car. You don’t have to take our word for it because there are a slew of images on the web that attest to this nightmare.

Some research suggests that you can fix about 80% of hail damage with PDR. By using the methods we detailed above, you can use it to handle all but certain severe problems. If your vehicle sustained cracked paint, structural damage, or has been “totaled,” then PDR won’t be the solution.

However, that leaves plenty of times when it will eliminate those pebble or golf-ball shaped dents. You could think of PDR as a nice medium between expensive body-shop work or the other extreme of trying to DIY hail damage with a heat gun and dry ice.

Other Terrific Ways to Use PDR

Finally, you can also use PDR to fix a lot of other problems, including larger dents sustained during a collision or from a falling tree branch. Plus, the best part is that our methods don’t require lots of sanding and filler, making the process vastly cheaper and faster. Most of our service takes less than a day to complete.

If you’re curious about PDR and want to know whether we can resolve your damages, then come see us at Dent Shop for a quick evaluation. We’re in three locations: Rapid City, South Dakota, Redlands, California, and Ashburn, Virginia.

You can also reach out to us anytime by calling 571-293-2129.

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