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How Cost-Effective PDR Is Priced

dent repair

If you’re looking for fast, cost-effective vehicle dent repairs, then paintless dent repair is likely the solution for your car’s damage. Non-invasive paintless dent repair (PDR) can greatly speed up the repair procedure because it doesn’t harm the factory finish paint. PDR is much more cost-effective that expensive conventional repairs, but certain factors affect the cost. Let’s examine what influences the cost of a standard PDR estimate.

The Extent of the Damage

As you can probably guess, the level of damage to your vehicle has a significant impact on the amount of money it will cost to repair. If there is only one dent in one door panel, it will be less expensive than if there is extensive hail damage to the entire hood, top of the vehicle, doors and trunk. Your cost will be determined by the number of dents present on any single panel as well as the number of sections that contain damage.

The Size and Location of the Dents

Size is an important factor in evaluating the cost of paintless dent repairs, but so is the location and shape of the dent itself. Larger dents often require more effort, time and resources to remove them. But in some cases, a smaller dent in a location that is inaccessible from the underside due to where it’s located may require more time since it necessitates the pulling method to fix.

Dents are commonly classified in the PDR profession using U.S. coin sizes as a guide. You might have dents the size of a dime from a hail shower or one the size of a half-dollar from bumping into a light post. These measurements are used to offer cost estimates and to assist clients in understanding the amount of their vehicle’s damage. The depth and location of the damage will also influence the pricing, as it takes into account the effort and time needed to remove the damage.

Creased Vehicle Dents

In many circumstances, creased dents cannot be fixed with PDR and must be mended using the traditional method. Keep in mind each case is different from the next. However, in general, creased dents are difficult to repair without replacing the panel. Due to their complexity, creased dent repairs cost more than round and smooth repairs. This is because it’s difficult to ensure the metal will return to its original shape and the paint won’t crack. Some PDR companies won’t fix creased dents due to the higher risk of paint damage during the repair process, which is why these are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

PDR is the most cost-effective way to repair dents in most cases. The price of PDR is influenced by the extent of the damage, the size and location of the dents and creasing, among other factors. Contact your nearest PDR specialist today to effectively repair the dents in your car faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods. At Dent Shop, we specialize in high-quality, cost-effective repairs and premier customer service – contact us today.

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