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Four Benefits of Getting Vehicle Hail Repair Right Away

vehicle hail repair

When your vehicle sustains hail damage, you should seek hail damage repairs without delay – don’t be tempted to wait until the hail season is over. Here’s why you should have your vehicle hail damage repaired as soon as possible after your car has been through a hailstorm.

Prevent Further Damage From Hail

The first round of hail damage may leave small dimple-like dents and dings that can be quickly fixed through paintless dent repair (PDR). According to PDR experts, 90% of dents can be fixed using paintless dent repair techniques. Unless the hailstones were larger than the size of a golf ball, it’s likely that the hail damage merely dented the exterior panels without disturbing the original factory finish paint job. Without paint damage present, technicians can use PDR methods to skillfully and swiftly fix the hail damage without having to repaint or replace parts of your car.

The temptation to wait until the end of hail season to get vehicle hail repair may stem from two common reasons.

  • You believe the damage isn’t noticeable enough to significantly reduce your vehicle value, and does not require immediate repairs.
  • You don’t have time in your schedule to get hail dent removal services before the end of hail season.

However, waiting to seek repairs can cause significantly greater problems. Getting caught in another hailstorm will likely worsen the damage to your vehicle, to the detriment of your wallet and insurance payout.

Keep Hail Damage Repair Costs at a Minimum

Having hail damage repairs completed promptly will save you from future dent repairs that will cost you more. Subsequent damage from a second hail event can worsen dents to the point where they can’t be fixed using paintless dent removal. This means you’d need either replacement panels or expensive auto body repairs to fix the damage. Instead, visiting a PDR shop for a free evaluation can determine if this cost-effective method can fix your damaged vehicle. Luckily, most dents from hail can be fixed using PDR, and many PDR shops can work with insurance companies to provide accurate estimates that ensure a proper payout for the repairs. Hail dent removal using PDR is also fast, so you’ll be out of the dent shop in no time. In the event your vehicle cannot be fixed with PDR, these dent shops will recommend a trusted auto body shop instead.

Ensure You Receive An Accurate Repair Claim Payment

Immediately after your car sustains hail damage, take clear pictures of the hail dents and send them to your insurance company so that they can start processing your claim. A claim adjuster will estimate the extent of damage and repair cost, and will likely advise you to seek out a PDR shop for fast and cost-effective repairs. Insurance companies prefer a smaller payout for PDR repairs as opposed to contributing larger amounts toward expensive, lengthy traditional repairs and a loaner car. You can bring your vehicle in for an evaluation and repairs at your local dent shop, and your car is ready to go a day or two later. However, waiting to file a claim or delaying repairs is not advisable. Without reporting and fixing the hailstorm damage, you may have violated your policy, thus reducing the amount your insurance company is liable to pay in the event a second hailstorm occurs or you’re involved in a collision.

Restore the Value of Your Car

Fixing your car hail damage using paintless dent repair methods is preferred because it’s minimally invasive and preserves your car’s original paint. PDR will effectively fix the dents from hail without the need for further repairs, and restores your vehicle’s value to its pre-damaged condition. It’s important to have repairs completed quickly, since the hail damage may have reduced your vehicle’s value by thousands of dollars. Don’t risk your investment in your vehicle by driving around with a reduced vehicle value. In the event of a second hail event or a collision, you want to ensure your vehicle is not at risk of being prematurely totaled. In addition, when your car sustains additional damage that cannot be fixed with PDR, that means you’ll need traditional repairs. This solution fixes your vehicle’s appearance, but does not restore your vehicle value, since it involves repainting and invalidating the factory finish warranty. Repainting and replacing parts of your car panels depreciates the value of your car by a big margin. That’s why you should seek vehicle hail repair services right away so you can reap all the benefits of PDR.

All in all, it’s crucial to seek vehicle hail repair services in good time, to ensure the damage is accurately assessed and reflected in your claim payment, and is fixed quickly and thoroughly. To protect your vehicle value, time and money, opt for paintless dent repairs for your vehicle hail damage. Contact Dent Shop today to schedule your free estimate.

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