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Don’t Make These Common Paintless Dent Removal Mistakes

paintless dent repair near me

The top three most common vehicle repairs from 2017 were: replacing oil/oil filter, replacing windshield wiper blades, and replacing air filters. Of course, if you were recently involved in an accident, none of these repairs will fix the damaged look of your vehicle. That’s where paintless dent repair comes in. If you’re interested in learning about this process, don’t just do a quick search for “paintless dent repair near me.” Whether you’re seeking out a professional or attempting the job yourself, these common mistakes could really cost you.

Not choosing the right PDR dent removal shop.

While there are numerous auto shops that offer paintless dent repair services, not all of them specialize in this type of repair, which requires a high level of experience to perform professionally. When choosing your shop, don’t just look up “paintless dent repair near me” and choose the first provider. You want to compile a list of local providers and then narrow your list down by pricing. But be aware: if a shop seems to be offering a suspiciously low price, chances are, they’re not using reliable materials or they themselves don’t perform reliable service.

Not having the right tools (if performing the job yourself).

PDR requires a variety of specialized tools. That being said, if you’re performing the job yourself, you shouldn’t start until you’re certain that you have every piece of equipment you need.

Overcorrecting the dents.

Finally, if attempting the job yourself, be aware of overcorrecting and how it can actually just exacerbate existing issues.

“Let’s say you get a dent in the hood…You think it’ll be easy to pop it out on your own, so you begin to massage the underside while holding your shaping tool in place…After a few more minutes of massaging, you realize that you’ve pushed it just a little too far. And now you’ve got this flabby area on the hood where you stretched out the metal. And there’s no easy way to shrink it back down. Keep going and it’ll stretch even more,” writes Cherise Threewitt on How Stuff Works.

Ultimately, the automotive collision repair market is projected to cross $280 billion by 2024, and knowing how to best restore both the look and functionality of your vehicle after an accident is the key to keeping it in top shape. For more information about paintless dent removal, contact Dent Shop.

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