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Does Paintless Dent Repair Work? Answer: You Get What You Pay For!

paintless dent repair

Here at Dent Shop we often hear from our customers about how the cost to repair their damage is much higher than they imagined it would be.

Let me be the first to apologize for the years of inconsistency and misinformation that has come from the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry as a whole.

It was always OUR job to make sure that our customers were given accurate and up-to-date information about our processes, procedures, and prices.

In an effort to help more people understand what is behind a correctly written PDR estimate, I want to quickly walk you through what elements are considered and included.

First, we measure the total size of the damage according to the longest point. We use professional lighting and special markers to mark out the damage.

Second, we take into consideration many variables and factors that contribute to the severity, complexity, and amount of time-related to a proper repair.

Third, we must take into account the amount of labor that will be involved in removing and re-installing any parts of the car that will allow us the correct access in order to perform a proper repair. This is usually done using standard body shop book times and the local area labor rate.

As you can imagine, when all of these things are considered it can add up pretty quickly. But gone are the days of PDR companies just throwing a dollar amount off the top of their head.

Our industry now has the power of an industry-standard estimating software that takes into consideration all of the contributing elements listed above and by the magic of algorithms and automation produces a consistent and accurate estimate.

This is good for everyone. The technician who doesn’t have to guess anymore, the customer who doesn’t have to wonder if they are just being given an arbitrary number (maybe based on how much money the technician spent last weekend), and the industry who now can provide fair and consistent prices to its clientele.

This is good for everyone!

Remember…in life, we usually get what we pay for.
Cheaper does not always mean better.
With value comes a cost.

If you have questions or would like a second opinion on a PDR estimate, please give us a call.

Don’t paint your car! Try PDR.

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