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Discover 5 Common Types of Car Hail Damage

Discover 5 Common Types of Car Hail Damage

You may have noticed that we talk a lot about “hail damage” whenever we discuss our paintless dent repair (PDR) services. That’s because hail storms, although not an everyday occurrence, are an aggravating calamity for car owners. They can really do a number on the exterior framework of an expensive vehicle.

Fortunately, however, some of these are superficial damages, and we can treat them with a little PDR. We’ve identified five common types of hail damage, followed by an explanation of whether we can address them at Dent Shop.

5 Types of Car Hail Damage

Cosmetic Damage (without Paint Damage) – For all those minor dents that don’t affect your car paint, PDR is the fastest and most cost-effective option. Even with dozens of small dents across the hood or roof, our guys can “pop them out” using effective tools to manipulate the metal from the other side.

Cosmetic Damage with Scratched Paint – Alas, once you have paint damage of any kind, it’s less likely that PDR will address everything. The problem you’ll encounter is that just a small chip in the paint will expand over time. This becomes an even greater issue if there’s any rusting involved. You’ll probably have to address this by repainting some or all of the vehicle.

Heavy Damage (without Paint Damage) – There’s a little more gray area whenever we encounter severe hail damage. That’s because it might include damage to the interior components, something we don’t repair with PDR. Then again, if the heavy hail damage only affects the exterior, we may be able to help you iron out most or all of it.

Heavy Damage & Scratched Paint – PDR is not an option whenever there is extensive paint damage. In the worst cases, car owners may have to replace parts or consider full-body replacement. It almost always requires at least some repainting as well.

Glass Damage – Sometimes, those nuggets of hail become so massive (golf-ball size, perhaps) that they can even crack the windshield glass. While we can’t do much about that, you should consider us for any other superficial exterior damage.

Visit Dent Shop for Hail Damage Repair

We realize you may not know whether your particular scenario (following a nasty hail storm) merits the use of PDR. That’s all right because we’re more than happy to inspect the damages and offer suggestions. Our team of reliable PDR technicians will offer an honest assessment of whether we can address problems with PDR, or if you’ll have to pursue other repair options.

You can sample the reliable services from Dent Shop in one of three locations: Ashburn, VA, Redlands, CA, or Rapid City, SD. We can repair several small, medium, and large dents on cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. If you’d like to learn more about our company, or PDR, contact us anytime.

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