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Dented Tesla? Why PDR Is the Best Repair Option

car dent repair

When you discover your beautiful Tesla has dents or dings from road debris, stones, hail, grocery carts or other stray object, don’t despair. There is a modern repair method that’s widely used and popular with insurance companies to fix vehicle dents and hail damage, even with electric vehicles. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the best option to fix your dented Tesla – here’s why.

PDR Offers Same-Day Repairs

Being involved in a minor car accident or car dent repairs is stressful enough without being stuck for days or weeks without a vehicle while it gets repaired. This is why many Tesla owners are choosing to get their dinged Tesla repaired with paintless dent repair rather than at autobody shop. Because paintless dent repair doesn’t involve multiple steps or repainting, it’s a faster process that often only takes a few hours to finish.

Paintless Dent Repair Preserves Your Tesla’s Factory Finish

When you get traditional body work done, no matter how great a cosmetic fix it is, it will never be the same as your original factory finish. The value of your Tesla’s original factory paint is unmatched. Once it’s damaged and repainted over, the vehicle loses significant value because now the paint is no longer guaranteed to last as long or look as good. Luckily, Tesla paintless dent repair does not require cutting, grinding, welding, or repainting, leaving your factory finish just as perfect as it was before it got dinged.

PDR Means No Diminished Value

Traditional bodywork and car dent repairs can include grinding, sanding, use of Bondo and repainting. All of these repair options diminish the value of your Tesla and also go on the CARFAX report. As we mentioned above, PDR does not require cutting, grinding, welding or repainting. What this means is the value of your Tesla will not decrease with PDR and you can eliminate any worries of color mismatch, fading or paint bubbling.

Electric Vehicle Certified Repairs

As a Tesla owner, you probably already know that not every repair shop out there can work on Teslas or other electric vehicles. To be able to provide repairs on electric vehicles such as Teslas, the repair shop needs to possess the Institute for the Motor Industry (IMI) Electric Vehicle Certification. At Dent Shop, we possess the Level Two Electric Vehicle Certification meaning we have authorization to safely power down your Tesla in order to complete paintless dent repairs.

Having your Tesla damaged is stressful, but with PDR at Dent Shop, you can get your repairs taken care of the same day without diminishing your value by a certified electric vehicle repair shop. Contact us to learn more about PDR or to schedule an appointment to fix your dented Tesla!

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