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Dent Causes to Be Mindful of in Ashburn

There are a few things in life that are to be expected. Taxes, unpredictable gas prices, and the likelihood that your vehicle will have some dings, dents, and abrasions that occur when you least expect them to. While many drivers associate these inconveniences with collisions and the occasional bump into a shopping cart, many are caused by mother nature herself. So what are the most common causes? Or at least the most common ones that are natural? Let’s find out.


While the occasional rain storm might obscure your vision when you’re on the road, it seldom causes damage unless it leads to a flash flood. Hail, on the other hand, can be a cause of physical harm, not only to our bodies if we get caught in one, but to our vehicles as well. Hail stones can cause about the same amount of damage as a small rock, depending on how large they are and how hard they become due to a drop in temperature.

Falling Branches, Acorns, & Pine Cones

If you’ve ever experienced a storm with rain and wind, then you know the damage they can sometimes cause when they reach high velocities. Especially if your vehicle is parked during a hurricane, there’s a chance that a tree branch, acorn, or even a pine cone can cause damage when they’re knocked loose from trees. While acorns and smaller objects can cause damage that can easily be repaired, a large branch can cause more harm.

Road Debris and Storm Aftermath

Many experts advise commuters not to drive right after a storm ends. There’s a very good reason for this. When a storm ends, road crews usually have to immediately clear the streets and highways from the after-effects of a storm. However, sometimes we don’t have a choice in the matter and have to commute anyway. The hazards that litter the roads can sometimes be many, and applying evasive maneuvers to avoid fallen branches and road debris can lead to a collision. This is why it’s essential to exercise caution when driving after a storm, and avoiding the roads, if possible, is always the best preventative measure.

Dent Shop Ashburn

If you and your vehicle get caught out in nature, and a few dents are the end result, we can help. As practitioners of paintless dent removal, we can get your vehicle back to its original form without compromising your paint job. Give Dent Shop Ashburn a call today at 571-293-2129 or come by and see us at 44190 Waxpool Road.

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